Friday, November 7, 2008

Of course she was fine, but will HE be?

Of course Maddison came home just fine from her first solo outing at the park last night! She had a ton of fun being outside where she is happiest. I didn't stress after I blogged my worries, but I admit the time couldn't come fast enough for her to come home! Thanks Scott for the reminder of old school Diabetes! I try to tell myself often that years ago Diabetes wasn't nearly as advanced as we are today. I can't imagine sending Maddison off ANYWHERE without a meter as moms did years ago! I don't know how Moms did it back then I tell ya! You think I am over protective now, I would have been Loco back then!

This morning I finally met the new young boy at Maddison's school that was diagnosed a few weeks ago at age 13. What a horrible age to be diagnosed. Peers, teenage hormones, just wanting to fit in, teenage attitude......oh my. By personality he isn't the most cheerful kid, he isn't even friendly or polite either. I also know from a past conversation with our school nurse that his parents are going through a nasty divorce. She asked me a few weeks ago if I had extra syringes to leave for this boy because his parents are arguing over who will foot the bill for medical expenses. He came to school with just a vial of insulin, four days after leaving the hospital from DKA. It sounds like the parents can't get their shit together and look past their own issues to even provide the best care for their son. It makes me literally sick to think about it. I am guessing they just don't know the seriousness of what he is going through. I want to take him out of the chaos of divorce and give him a place to cope with what HE is going through. I can't imagine the despair this young boy must be feeling. I can't help but wonder if he will even be ok. I hope his parents can come together and overlook their own relationship issues to help this time of transition. I am honestly thankful (in a weird way) that Maddison was 6 when she was diagnosed. I know Maddison will be fine....I know she will even surpass difficulties without question at that age. I just hope he will be okay too.

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