Friday, November 28, 2008

Look at her now

We officially survived BLACK FRIDAY shopping today for Hannah's birthday! The mall wasn't actually as crazy as I expected. Talk about a birthday meant for a 12 yr old.... Hannah received over $500 in cash (I think I used to bring in about $50 most at her age!) from family and Mom and Dad to spend as she wished. We also took Hannah to lunch at her favorite restaurant, and took her to get her hair done. We stopped for her favorite Jamba juice and then took her to visit our awesome neighbor and friend Lisa, a make-up artist who manages MAC cosmetics in the mall. She taught Hannah some make-up secrets and tricks and showed her how to apply the sultry eye make-up that all the girls wear these days. In the end, Hannah is looking just a bit too old for my taste, although she looks beautiful and her eye make-up is gorgeous indeed! (Hopefully not an everyday look, but fun for today!) Hannah set aside some of her birthday money to shop for her own Christmas Tree Angel, but we will have to return tomorrow and complete the shopping for the little girl she chose. What a generous and caring 12 year old I have!

Just look at her now! Isn't she beautiful?!!

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