Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Princess/JDRF Promise Ball 2011

On Saturday night Maddison was Princess for the night, our 4th year attending/volunteering for the JDRF Promise Ball. My girls look forward to this super fancy formal event every year. Our first year attending the Gala was in 2008 when we donated two of our Golden puppies for the live auction. Puppy #1 brought in $5,000 to benefit JDRF and puppy #2 brought in $4,800!!! We are so thankful to have had such an experience while raising money for JDRF!!

From that night forward, Maddison became known to Gala guests for her super cute smile and inspiring attitude towards her Diabetes. For four years now many returning Gala guests have watched Maddsion grow up, some even seek her out on Gala night just to say Hello and give a big hug. Maddison really does become a Princess for the night, and her smile will light up the night time sky!!

Maddison stands a little more proud on Gala night, as do I when I listen to her tell her diagnosis story to those who ask. Tears fill my eyes often on these nights, as I see the way Maddison speaks with such maturity and confidence about her disease. Maddison always tells her story with a bright smile on her face, and cheer in her voice. She captivates guests with her drive and desire to help fund for the cure, while acting as though Diabetes is just a minor part of her life. Maddison really is a Princess in my eyes :)Even my Hannah beams with pride for Maddison as she has her chance to shine on Gala night. Hannah is always supportive, always concerned, and always proud of her sister. I have the two Princesses I've always dreamed I would have....I just never dreamed Diabetes would be a part of who they are.


Hallie said...

Beautiful! Looks like a fantastic night! :)

Trev said...

Good jobs, you have a great family, make me happy to another family successfully managing diabetes, goo job!

Reyna said...

Your girls are so beautiful...just like you! You are all princesses in my eyes and the night, the gala, looks like such a worthwhile event. We don't have anything like that at all in Vermont.


connie said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful evening! I can only imagine how special Maddison must feel...a real princess at her own ball :)

Wendy said...

I love your fairy tale :)

You guys looked BEAUTIFUL. Your family is so special.