Thursday, January 20, 2011


Reading MERI'S POST today I realized the 3 day rule is exactly why I haven't had to change Maddison's nigh time basals (much) for many, many months now. It used to be I was changing Maddi's night time basal doses every month or so, which meant I wasn't getting any sleep. Up every hour here, every two hours there. One night high. Not the next. High again this night. High again that night. Then perfect. One night low. Perfect. Perfect. HIGH. Exactly why I ALWAYS follow the 3 day rule!

One day they sit in the sand at recess. One day they run laps. One night dinner is too carby, one night doesn't have enough protein (who know the magic amount anyway?)One night they went to bed early. Which meant growth hormones kicked in sooner. One night they stayed up too late, which meant the growth hormones weren't there when insulin dosing said they should be. One night they were in a pissy mood. The next they took a 2 hour shower. You get the point.... Every day is different.

Things have been predictable, yet not so much. The only predictable is unpredictable, which means I cant change ANYTHING! If half the nights end up great and half end up WEIRD, who is to say you should mess with the moon? We all know even the damn moon can effect numbers right!?

So I've had a very long Diabetes vacation from Maddison's numbers for awhile now.(of course I still check every 3 hours over night, that's KELLYS RULE BTW) Ive been blessed with a Diabetes vacation!! Thanks to the 3 day rule. The result is a more rested Mom. A Mom who has an ENTIRELY different attitude towards Diabetes. A Mom who thinks this isn't so bad after all. Of course, once things start to go BAZEEERKKK and my Maddison is being effected my attitude will be right back to where it used to be!! So, hear me when I say MERI knows best. Stick to the 3 day rule. It can make life a little sweeter. :)


Wendy said...

Witnessing this transition in you has been amazing :) I'm thrilled to see MOM a little more relaxed...a little less sleep deprived...and a little more okay with what life throws at you :)

I've been okay with the 3 day rule. But I like results. If I don't see them, I like to tweak to make make them happen. Sometimes it bites me...most of the time not. What I need to learn how to do is make the RIGHT change the FIRST time. I'm usually not giving it enough UMPH!

Reyna said...

Meri always has great tips doesn't she!? I wonder if it really sucks for her when the three day rule spread out by a day between her three boys...meaning she is tweaking a kid a day - UGH! I cannot even imagine. She is a ROCK STAR!

Meri said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you happier Kelly!! It really takes three days to see the change. If you change before, you are just chasing more numbers....hehehehe