Monday, January 10, 2011

Dizziness...cold and clammy...say WHAT?

Hannah's first Volleyball tournament of the year was Saturday, she didn't sit out for any of the 5 matches (12 games) because she is the only "setter" on the team. So, Hannah played her heart out (14 saves complete with dives to the floor) from the first game at 3:00pm until the last match at 10pm. That's 7 hours of some serious playtime! Needless to say, Hannah was sore, bruised and very tired by the time it was all said and done. She slept 13 hours that night!

On Sunday morning Maddison, Josh and I were at the Hassiyampa River Preserve to go bird banding EARLY. It was 27 degrees outside when we arrived, and **I** actually survived! Hannah stayed home to sleep in of course!

Around 11 Hannah texted me to let me know she was awake but she felt terrible. Cold sweats, pounding headache, stomach ache, sore muscles and bad dizziness. I told her to drink lots of water, take meds and replenish with Gatorade. When we got home she just looked horrible. She was so cold and clammy I almost panicked! Her skin was moist. WET! She was Pale. Wrapped in blankets. Too dizzy to walk around much. I figured she was pretty dehydrated on top of not feeling well lately and the hours of Volleyball caught up with her. After 32oz of Gatorade she perked up a bit.

She laid around all day, in and out of sleep. I was growing more worried, but since she has been achy and tired with random headaches and dizziness for about a month on and off now I figured we'd wait and see how she felt with more rest and fluids. She fell asleep soundly on the couch with me at 6pm last night, and I had to walk her to bed by 9! She just was THAT tired.

So, I checked on Hannah at midnight,(Drink Drink) then at 3am (Drink Drink) and I finally tried to wake her up for school this morning at 6. She just couldn't get up. She wanted to puke. She was dizzy. So I let her sleep and skip school while and I went to work knowing her Dad would be home from work shortly. (He just started midnight shifts) I called Hannah many times from work. I was worried. No answers. She ended up sleeping until 11am again! Finally not cold and clammy!

So...anyway...I've been thinking for weeks now that Hannah likely has Mono because she has been having dizziness, random pounding headaches, stomach aches, muscle aches and CRAZY fatigue for quite some time. If you add in the sudden cold/clammy skin I get very worried....I felt she needed to see the doctor today because the dizziness has become just too frequent....and then the cold clammy skin? Ummmm.....

Well sheesh. All the doctor had to say was that Hannah's Strep screen was negative and her throat looks "nasty." He says she feels dizzy because her pulse is so low
(52) from being "an athlete" and her blood pressure "must be low" because "being an athlete" her heart health is "tremendous". Do you think he checked her blood pressure? NOPE. Hmmm.....he only suggested she stand more slowly when coming from a sitting or lying position. YEAH....I knew was going to say that. I checked her blood pressure when we got home...87/58 sitting and 93/67 standing. She is still continually dizzy....WTF?

Why the HELL wouldn't the doctor check her blood pressure if the main fucking complaint is dizziness!!?? And do you think he palpated her neck/lymph nodes or checked her ears to rule out some cause of dizziness there? NO HE DIDNT! I was hoping to find a reason for this dizziness by taking her to the fucking doctor, and all I ever get is comments on her "nasty throat" and a damn Strep screen! Why cant doctors do a COMPLETE exam!!??

The Doctor says maybe she is having low blood sugar. SAY WHAT!? I think NOT. The Doc suggested she eat more Protein, because you know, it helps to stabilize blood sugar. And if she eats only carbs at a meal he says her blood sugar will spike and then crash. She needs to carry snacks and eat often. I just listened and smiled. (while being REALLY irritated on the inside) He palpated her stomach, no abnormal swelling to the spleen I guess, so no Mono he says. Thats it. His diagnosis?

Ummm......Acute Pharyngitis. Say WHAT? I didn't even say her throat hurt!

Did he not hear me say she was cold and clammy after an 8 hour Vball tournament on Saturday? Why didnt he mention that she could have been dehydrated? He should have mentioned increasing her fluids and sodium before/during/after tournaments. What if I was the clueless parent!?

Need I mention this is the same doctor that Diagnosed Maddison with a UTI the day her blood sugar came back HI on the meter and he almost choked to death in shock? Moderate ketones....oh, yea..... that was because she was sick with a UTI ya know. Had Josh not requested he look for sugar in her urine and a finger poke that day Maddison would have been sent home with a UTI dx instead of a trip to the ER. NICE.

Interesting how some doctors dont learn from their mistakes. All they gotta do is be a little more thorough and LISTEN!!! I'm sure this dizziness shall pass, but GEEZ!!!!

End of the story is, if Hannah isnt feeling better in "1 week" we are supposed to come back in. NICE. Doctors these days really scare me! All we ask is for a COMPLETE exam!


Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Wow thats scary! I had pharyngitis and it hurt like h*ll. Low bs sounds more likely. If it happens again maybe check her bg? Good luck! Hope she feels better. said...

Has she ever had any heart problems? I am googling arrhythmias for my patient, and your blog came up. Something to think about. Good luck :)

Reyna said...

Ahhh...I would not even give it a week Kelly. That does not sound good at all and I am so sad that this MD did not even do a BP. That is just irresponsible medicine.

Please keep us up-to-date. I hope she feels better soon.

Jill said...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Sounds like the run around we got with our doctors office. Ya know...QUACK! QUACK! Hope Hannah is feeling better soon! (((HUGS)))