Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Go

I'm ashamed to say, so far waking up early to squeeze in my morning workout hasn't happened this right now I'm letting go of this expectation for myself. Easy excuses....I don't wake up when it's cold! I'm too tired because I'm fighting insomnia, and worst yet, I've been having serious clotting with my period that has left me anemic and frickin exhausted and drained to be honest! Looks like 2011 will in fact be the year I can no longer avoid a Hysterectomy!

I'm sure that was too much information, but its reality for me right now. Call it excuses, fatigue, illness...whatever it is, its leaving me feeling like a big fat ball of laziness lately. I'll get back to workouts eventually, but right now I need to focus on sleep. Waking up an hour early is simply a no go until I'm feeling better and it warms up outside! Terrible, I know!

One good thing is, Ive got my numbers MUCH closer to where they need to be :)

The CGM is showing that pre-bolusing and low glycemic eating has dramatically reduced my spikes after eating AND kept me under 160 ALL DAY!! I might spike to around 160, whereas I was spiking to the 230 range when I wasn't watching what I was eating and wasn't pre-bolsuing. Do you know the FIRST thing I had to cut out again? COFFEE CREAMER. YEP. You know, all those yummy liquid coffee creamers? Peppermint Mocha. Hazelnut. Cinnamon Vanilla Cream. They are the devil in disguise I tell you! I knew Id have to cut out those yummy coffee creamers again! Dang it!

Coffee creamer makes me spike no matter what I do. In fact, It really has shown to screw up my whole day because I SWEAR the extra sugar rush and carbs leaves my body wanting to only eat more and more all day. You know the whole High Frusctose Corn Syrup debate? YEAH...I TOTALLY believe it. So, once again I cut out the creamer which reduced my morning sugar spikes AND reduced my wanting to eat all day. WEIRD. Damn HFCS. Back to boring old Milk and Splenda in my coffee. Not as yummy, but OH so worth it. The less carbs I eat (about 10c now instead of 25c for coffee) means less calories and less insulin bolused which means less extra weight I carry. Its a TOTAL win/win. Taste just has to suffer of course!

Maddisons new arm site sucked. One day of highs in the mornings. Then decent numbers all night. Today she was high 200's all day at school, so I had her check her ketones when she got home. What-do-you-see? Small Ketones. Thats what I get for talking about kicking D's butt on Monday I guess. I never learn, do I? Changed site= Maddison feeling MUCH better. And, now she's low of course!

Hannah has her first Volleyball tournament this weekend on her new club team for the season. She is playing with the same club as all years past, and has moved up to a 16 National team. I'm exited to get the season going! Our first BIG away tournament is in Reno in April. Any D bloggers near Reno?

Sunday we are off to the Hassiyampa River Preserve to do some more bird banding. Maddison has been doing really well in her agility classes with Callie, her instructor calls Callie a "circus poodle" because she is so happy and bouncy all the time! It is just too cute. Maddison starts private horse riding lessons again soon...part of her Christmas gift this year! Something tells me that Spring is going to be here within the blink of an eye. THANK GOODNESS!!! I am SO not a winter person!


Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Coffee creamers are gross :) My wifes parents love the stuff and they have at least one of every flavor in the fridge always. Her dad even complained to every store in a 5 mile radius of his house because he couldn't get the toffee nut flavor WTF! I hate em but I drink coffee all day long, with just a dot of milk and some sugar...

Unknown said...

Bummer on the workouts in the am...but I GET IT. I don't think I could do that either. I work out during the day...b/c I don't have a REAL JOB! LOL.

Sounds like some fun times wishing I lived near Reno. Is Vegas near Reno? Alexis from Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas is in Vegas I believe.


Crafty Like Lindy said...

Not a cofee drinker myself but would a dollop of vanilla or almond extract help the flavor??