Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye Winter Break

Oh geez. SO not ready for tomorrow. Monday Morning. UGH. Anyone still reading my blog that remembers Maddison and Manic Mondays? Yep. Those Mondays are still a part of our lives. Ewwwwwww........the long breaks make Maniac Mondays even worse!

Maddison has already started. Complaining about school. Complaining how bored she is sitting there all day. She is totally MY child. Maddison and I can't stand to sit in boredom when there is so much life to live outside! We are outdoor girls! Miserable Monday will be here too soon, for me 5am is calling.

Today I bought new running shoes. (Damn Reyna, did you mean you ran 7 miles?) I bought a new sports bra to support my extra 5lb boobs. (The only part I like about a couple extra pounds) and I bought new resistance bands...Im good to go. My 5am alarm is set. Why do they make snooze buttons anyway? I wish they'd just have alarms that required a secret code to turn off. I'm sure I wouldnt remember the secret code in my sleep! But roll over and hit snooze? Yeah....I do that ALL the time!

Damn. I do THIS every year. January-September (or so) Im who I want to be. I work out 4-5 days a week and eat the way EVERYONE should. My blood sugars are amazing during this time, because if I work out, I am SO much more food conscious too! Im at the weight and shape I want to be. I feel good about myself. I'm HAPPY and confident. Motivated. Up every morning and ready to go. Morning workouts are a MUST. Why is it so hard to fit them in? Why can I maintain this lifestyle Jan-Sept but not year round?!

Winter. In comes the "winter" months and it screws me every time.

I dont like to wake up when its cold. (in Az, I know, dont laugh at me!) So daily workouts end up being set aside for sleep. My body must go into hibernation mode come the cooler weather because all I want to do is eat! And sleep! WHY is that? Its horrible. I hate it. But this has been ME for as long as I have known. I guess ending Winter break has some good points ending my Winter laziness. I have never once broke a New Years Resolution. I do what I say I will do....

I'm sad to send my kids back to school tomorrow. I like having the extra time off work to spend with them.....but I like (and need) structure too. Maddison's Diabetes will be different tomorrow than it has been all winter break for ME at home, thats a given. I guess the end of Winter break also means I'm back to chasing numbers.I only wonder what tomorrow's numbers will hold....


Reyna said...

LOL! The boob thing is the only thing I like about any weight gain too - hehe. And...yes it was 7 miles! :)

Good luck today. I am thinking of you...and Maddison's numbers.

Heather said...

Same here, I have had numbers under control and made a few tweaks. I'm sure it will all go to h - e - double hockey sticks come today. Which it did. Lovebug was high all morning at preschool Oh, well. Even the best pancreases aren't perfect!

Wendy said...

I'm behind today...hoping you met all your goals for the day and Maddison had superb numbers!!!!

It was a rough one over here. Might take me while to get my groove back!!!