Saturday, January 1, 2011


Good riddance to 2010! We spent New Years Eve last night with a great group of D buddies, just sittin fireside enjoying each others company. We were in bed at a decent hour, and still slept until 11am this morning! (except for sugar checks at
3am, 6am and 9am) LOVIN catching up on some zzz's for the New year!

We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast (2011 resolutions start Monday morning) and lazed around piled on the couch with my hubby, Maddison, a Poodle, a Golden and a furry kitty cat watching movies and sipping coffee. What an awesome start to 2011 :)

And then, Hannah texted me from her friends house. It wasn't anything like "good morning Mom" or "come pick me up."

Hannah's text read "Mom, do you know today is the last day I got to see Grandpa alive before he died?"

My heart crumbled. Last New Years Eve Hannah had decided to leave the Hospital and hang out with her friends for the night. She felt guilty leaving, but I promised her Grandpa would be ok and she could see him the next day. Overnight, he ended up in a state of Delirium which wasn't something for a child to see. Of course, from that day on it was all downhill, Dad ended up worse each day that followed. Delirium, Psychosis, re-intubation. I didnt want Hannah to see my Dad like that. She never did get a chance to go back and visit him. So today Hannah has a heavy heart. :(

Two hours after breakfast I was hit with a low blood sugar. A crashing 34 blood sugar (1.6u active) without many symptoms other than some slow thought processes. After treating the low I decided to go back to bed with my Hannah and watch scary movies. Im now reminded why I HATE scary movies. Whats the point!? ACK! No more for me anytime soon! Now its off to make dinner for my Mom and we'll be babysitting my sweetie Niece Sami. It will be a GREAT night, and bed early I hope! I'm drained!

Tomorrow? LAST day of Winter break!!?? Im very sad it will be ending, but SO ready to hit the treadmill Monday morning and never look back. Goodbye 2010, you SUCKED!!


Reyna said...

I always get a little sad on the last day of break. Even though the kids bicker a bit, we have had a fun time.

I ran 7 today...but ate too many Wheat Thins while playing Monopoly City with the family :(. Tomorrow is a new day!


Hallie said...

Oh Kelly! I so hope that 2011 brings you much joy, happiness, love, laughter, good health and PEACE!

connie said...

I am soooo ready for 2011 too! I hope this year brings you and your family many blessings :)