Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to School DEFEAT and DAMN IT

So far so GREAT. My CGM shows I didnt have a number over 150 today :) I'd be lying if I said I dragged myself out of bed and my workout is what kicked Diabetes ass today. Yep. I'd be lying if I said that. So, I wont. DAMN IT. Maybe tomorrow the snooze button wont be my enemy. Hibernation. I need to get over it. Maybe I should hand out my phone number so someone can call and harass me outta bed in the morning?

Oh well, I did stick to my normal good eating habits today, and as promised I'm back to pre-bolusing!!! So, thats a plus...and my sugars surely reflected it!! Not even a spike above 150! I'm currently sitting at 109 flat lining on the CGM with zero active. I'm checking my basals tonight, and I'm 99% sure I'll be posting a nice picture of my flat lines in the morning...unless those black beans for dinner strike back....MAN, are those things s-l-o-w to digest!

And Maddison? Back to school numbers SHOCKED me today! Usually when returning to school after a vacation Maddison's numbers will be bonkers. Different waking and sleeping times throw everything off! So, I broke down and had to email the school Nurse to check on Maddie's numbers half way through the day. Sometimes I just have to know. So, I email. And, I really dont care if I'm seen as the crazy pancreas Mom. The suspense was killing me as I sat at work all day! I was sure Maddison would have wacky highs on this manic Monday, but she was 130 at morning check (3hrs PP) and 86 going to lunch. OMG, talk about making my day! 147 after school, 166 before dinner and now 107 going to bed with zero active! HALLELUJAH! Tonight is a basal checking night for her too I guess! And that is what I call Diabetes

Of course, as of tonight Maddie's site was moved from her tush to her arm. How much you wanna bet the new arm site brings lows tomorrow? -SIGH-

D-E-F-E-A-T for one day anyway. I'll take it!


Pam said...

Grace had the numbers you expected - HIGH HIGH HIGH all day. She was 80 before dinner, then HIGH again at bedtime. She was fine after a correction, then good all night. Here's to hoping she settles back into the school routine quickly!

Glad you had better numbers!

Reyna said...

OK...sans the snooze button you were rockin' it yesterday girl!!! Wahoo for freakin' awesome numbers. We had a couple of highs after am snack and at lunch...otherwise, in the 100s. I'll take it. Better than lows.

I'll volunteer to be the wake-up caller! LOL