Friday, December 31, 2010

Allota Work Ahead

Man, do I have allota work ahead of me in 2011! Mainly on the Diabetes side. In 2010 when something had to give to spare me some sanity, it was Diabetes diligence that took the back seat. Both Maddison and I have been sporting an a1c that is much higher than I'd like to see, and I'm sporting a chubby middle section that shows my lack of workouts for months now. I know I can do better. I know I can for both Maddison and I by bringing back what used to be the ONLY way Diabetes was allowed in this house.

My Diabetes rules in THIS house: (somehow they all disappeared!)

PREBOLUS ALL MEALS!! From Maddison's day 1 of Diabetes I have always been the Pre-bolus FREAK. That freak is required to make a stay in this house for 2011 and always.

Limited sweet treats!!!!

I'm up at 530am for 20 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training!!! THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE FOR ME!!!!!!

For myself, what used to be, I eat fairly low carb, and only low glycemic. I'm also used to eating every 2-3 hours. My food choices have become quite horrible!!! I do however, have a day or two of free eating days a week, because if pizza is for dinner, I eat that too. If we have a party to go to....I eat that too! But for the most part, during the school and work week I need to be following my eating rules!! My dad established these life habits by following his "Diabetic" diet, and dang it, I swear it is the only way to go. I know they say we "Can eat that" but we all know that isn't really true....

No eating if your sugar is over 200. Period. A longer pre-bolus needed!

I WILL NOT wear my site for 6 days any longer!! I promise!!

No more over treating MY lows! I will care what my sugar will be later. I will not just ignore it and check later. (I usually do this at bedtime because I just want to sleep RIGHT NOW!!))

Maddison WILL be taking on more of her Diabetes care. She needs to be held accountable if she doesn't check when I ask. I WILL NOT go to her and check for her when she ignored my request. She WILL do it herself. I cannot keep pretending her disease is my disease, because it isn't. (THIS IS THE HARDEST FOR ME)

For myself, I will get back to that 100 range 90% of the time. It is very possible, if I do what I USED to do by standard of care!!

For Maddison, I will not let fear of Dead in Bed Syndrome at night cause me to run Maddison higher. I WILL get her back to the 130's at night. I will make changes, if\when those highs come in, I will not wait around for two weeks for them to ''settle'' I will not fear night time lows!!! (Hmmmmmmm)

Thats about it. Its a good start. I NEVER imagined I would become lazy where Diabetes care is concerned. I guess Diabetes really does just become a ''new normal'' with time, but that doesnt mean we can become lazy and careless!!

2011, I'm ready. The DOC has heard my promise to myself. Now ya better hold me accountable!! :)


Pam said...

Good for you! There's no better way to achieve your goals than to write them down and proclaim them for all to hear. I KNOW you'll succeed and 2011 will have your and your daughter's numbers where you want them. Way to go!

Reyna said...

I loved reading this Kelly. I think b/c I admire your tenacity. You are hard on a good way. I just wish we lived closer so that we could get our asses moving together at 5:30am. I love cardio and strength training. Do you do any P90X?

Good luck with your goals. I know you can do them. I will have a hard time kicking you in the bootie when you slack a bit...b/c I think you are simply awesome the way you are.


Penny said...

Great goals, great list and great motivation! Here's to a great 2011, full of promise and success!

Wendy said...

Ya know....I've known you for quite awhile...and I DO NOT EVER RECALL A TIME THAT YOU COULD BE DESCRIBED AS "LAZY"!!!!!!

You've been a blessing in my world, and I can't wait to see how you tackle 2011...

Hmmm...sounds like it might be a year for camp....just sayin' :)

Lora said...

It is so hard to hold them accountable for their own care. I struggle with this everyday.

I love your list Kelly. I know you can get back to the diligence you had before. Keep us posted on how its going.