Monday, May 10, 2010

A days work with Diabetes x's 2

"A Typical Day in The Life With Diabetes" is the first assignment for Diabetes Blog Week. For D-Blog Week, Karen challenged the diabetes blogging community with a week's worth of blog prompts. Today is "A Day on the Life," so, this is how a typical 24 hour day in our house with Diabetes goes.....

A typical Monday

6:30am The alarm clock sounds. Two excited Goldens jump on the bed to make sure I'm up. Diego does his annoying whining thing to let me know its time to play ball. Roxy just wants to cuddle. I stick both needy dogs outside to potty.

6:35am Check Maddison's BS. Maddison is in range 95% of the time by 6:35am!! YAY! I do a silent cheer! If this is an unusual morning and Maddison wakes up high, you will catch me saying some meanie words to Diabetes while fighting the urge to crawl back in bed. So, if Maddison happens to be high I have to ask her to check her urine ketones. If any ketones at all or her site is on at least day 3 we will change it. If not, I just curse Diabetes for being a drag today. By now Maddison knows she's high and she'll start complaining about all kinds of aches and pains. Then I have to decide if she's just trying to get out of school or is does she really feel that icky. I give her a glass of orange crystal light regardless, correct the high by her pump if needed. If Maddies number is REALLY high I prebolus a good portion of her breakfast and pray that she eats it. Thats a high morning. Some mornings Maddison may need to sip some juice if she's too low. If she wakes up in range I'm a happy momma who worries less about what the day will bring. I always check her pump tubing for air bubbles, then turn on the TV and make my first attempt to wake her by enticing her with Animal planet of course! Then I proceed to the kitchen with meowing kitten following, dodging his efforts of chewing on my feet. Pop my yuck-o instant coffee in the microwave. Check my own blood sugar, hopefully not cursing out loud when the number shows up. Bolus for coffee. Time to wake up Hannah. Climb in bed with my grumpy teen who pleads for just a few minutes more. Listen to her freak out about the cat who is now pouncing on her feet. Give her a hug and HOPE I dont have to come back to wake her, which will then lead to grumpiness and my blood sugar will surely spike.

6:45am Let the dogs in, throw the ball a few times and head outside to check out the Aviary birds. Chase the cat to bring him back inside. Throw the ball a few more times.

6:50am Sip my coffee and check email. Start commanding kids out of bed. Straighten up whatever mess is left from the night before. . Plead with Maddison to STOP complaining about how school is so "dumb" and warn her at least twice that she will have a consequence if she doesnt be QUIET and get moving.

7:20am Make breakfast. Bolus the rest of Maddison's carbs. Chit chat and distract Maddison by talking about her favorite things so she isnt whiny. Remind Hannah 100 times where she left her shoes, her hairbrush etc. Throw in some laundry. Feed the fish. Pack lunches with carb counts and a snack if Maddison has PE.

7:45am Stretching. Commanding kids to hurry up making sure they have everything for the day.

7:55am Drop them off at school.

8:05am HOME! Finish stretching. Drink 8c of juice, check my BS and jump on the treadmill. Leaving Maddison in the care of the school nurse all day doesnt mean I dont wonder how she's doing. Nearly every hour I glance at the clock, wondering how she is doing now. Maddison checks her blood sugar two hours after breakfast in the nurses office, then an hour and a half later before lunch. Then again at 2pm. I will be called at first notice of any number under 60 or any number that is unusually high. (over 300)

8:30am Start circuit weights. Check my BS. Drink more juice. Wonder how Maddison's doing at school.

9:15am Check BS. Turn down basals for 8 hours. Take the inside birds outside to the aviary for the day. Throw the ball a few times. Clean up the kitchen. Check the laundry. Jump in the shower.

9:30am All done getting ready for work. Make my fruity protein shake and gather my things for work. Out the door. Fight the urge to call the school nurse.

10am Sitting at my boring desk job chasing insurance companies that suck while keeping an eye on my email hoping the nurse doesnt have crazy numbers to report. All day I glance to see if the nurse emailed me! Its terrible! Check my cell phone to make sure its working. What if the nurse is trying to call me!!??

11:30am Check my BS if I havent had to already for a low. Eat an apple and almonds with a cheese stick or yogurt.

1:30pm Check my BS if I havent had to already for a low. Eat lunch.

2:30pm Leave work to meet Maddison at the bus stop.

3:15pm Watch Maddison skip down the street. School wasnt so bad afterall I guess! Get school updates and new gossip from Hannah. Check Maddison's BS log from the day and decide if she needs a snack or to be checked. Make a plan...take Maddison to volunteer right away or does she watch TV or have computer time while I zoom around cleaning and preparing dinner? Maybe a bike ride or a walk first. All depends on when Maddison is ready to volunteer.

4:30pm Check my blood sugar. Check Maddison's blood sugar. Drop Hannah off at Volleyball practice, go to my moms and make dinner. Help Maddison with her homework. Chit chat and enjoy dinner with Mom while trying not to think about how we miss my Dad dearly.

7:00pm Pick up Hannah. Feed Hannah and the husband dinner. Do dishes, homework, prepare for the next day. More laundry. More cleaning. Direct Maddison to take her bath. Check the pump tubing after her bath to make sure no bubbles decided to form. Make the rounds to assure Maddison tended to all her pets. Spend some time online. Look over BS numbers and decide what needs to be adjusted, if anything.

9pm Read Maddison's bedtime story and listen to her concerns of the day. Check both our sugars. This is where the night gets tricky. If Maddison still has a bit of insulin on board from dinner and she is under 130 she stays up until 9:30 when I recheck. If she is high she is safe to go to bed and I continue to check her BS every hour or two until her BS is around 130. If Maddison is under 100 going to bed she sucks down some juice or has a tiny snack. I will recheck in about 20 minutes. If Maddison was crazy running wild outside after school she gets a temp basal. If Maddison's BS is under 70 she stays awake until she is at least 90 and I go from there hoping to not have to give my sleeping child juice.

10pm Maybe Maddison is in range by now and I can sleep. If not, back to the chores and internet I go until I recheck again.

12am Bolt out of bed wondering why Diabetes doesnt sleep like they say it does. Check Maddison's blood sugar. Do whats needed. Check my own if I feel like it. Stay awake to chase numbers if I have to.

3am Check Maddison's blood sugar. Stay awake chasing more numbers if I have to.

5am If Maddison was high or under 100 at 3am, I wake up to recheck.

6:30am Here we go again!

Thats an EASY day in the life of Diabetes. I think next we should post about a "sick" day with Dibetes, because those are the days that REALLY put us to the test and become scary.


k2 said...

Impressive times 2!

Wendy said...

You are my hero!!!!

What cracks me zoo!!!!!!!!! I keep thinking about our swim days last summer and all the you, girlie!!

Meri said...

Tell me again why school isn't dumb? (hehehe)

ya, I'm glad they didn't ask us to post about a typical sick day...all the posts would all be 10 as long as they already are!

connie said...

Sounds crazy that a day like that can be called "easy", but it is compared to a sick day for sure! Diabetes x's two is a tough one, you are doing an amazing job :)

Thanks for sharing.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ditto what K2 said! Impressive times 2!