Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Day After

All day today Maddison trended low low low. I expected this after swimming yesterday, weird how just that hour of intense exercise changes EVERYTHING. THANK GOODNESS for the CGM! All day today we avoided what would have been some very nasty persistent lows, all because this little piece of medical technology. I LOVE YOU CGM!!

Last night was horrid. I couldn't get Maddison under 250 for ANYTHING. She conked out early after her swim meet, eyes glossy and exhausted from the highs. Poor girl. I stayed up until midnight correcting her BS hourly, even after a site change. Of course, what I was fearing by midnight was the blood sugar drops since swimming was 6 hours prior. Usually 6-12 hours after activity the lows hit hard. Not last night! CGM showed a flat line at 250-280. I was up at 1am, and 230am. Still flat lines. Meter verified. Stuck in the 250's. At 4am Maddison's CGM alarm was again blaring, when I realized I was seriously low. Heart pounding. Sweaty. Confused. 42. A horrible night all around. I remember popping 2 glucose tabs after staggering into the kitchen. I kept thinking this was it. I was too late. I thought I'd wake up in the ER for sure. I sucked down an unknown amount of juice, and the next thing I knew I was waking up for my 530 alarm. SCARY. I'm not sure how I made it back to bed, but I do remember my mind repeating over and over "Stay awake, you need to recheck." Apparently I didn't stay awake, and today I'm thankful I'm alright! That could have been bad! (Josh worked at midnight last night, no one to help me if I needed!) I woke up at a nice 102 this morning. -Whew!-

So anyway, morning came too fast today. Not sure how I made it out of bed being so exhausted. Maddison was FINALLY coming down under 200. She was starving by 8am. Maddison has been having alot of tummy pain and not eating well, especially after the vomiting episode last week. So, I was cautious of bolusing breakfast for that reason plus SWIMMING! I kept my eye on the CGM every 20 minutes starting with Maddison's breakfast bolus. I just knew that lows were coming. And, there it was right away. 20 minutes after eating the CGM showed a 150 with double down arrows. CRAP. I gave Maddison 4c of juice, hoping to bump her up. NOPE. 15 minutes later her meter showed 110 with double down arrows. WTF?!! By now I was wise enough to see that swimming has gone and changed EVERYTHING. I decreased her basal. I gave her 15c. CGM shows 74. Slowly, the 74 trended upwards. Did I mention I LOVE YOU CGM!!? Two hours later Maddison was in the 80's again. 15 more carbs. She hung out in the 90's until lunch. Thats alot of extra carbs. Same thing after lunch. Multiple times the CGM alarmed to an impending low, and we caught them ALL.

Then comes swim class again tonight. CRAP. Today is another story. Maddison's 80. There goes my plan. I begin to panic inside! Now what do I do if she's already been low all day!? I can see where this is going! Zero active. 12c of fruit. One scoop of PB. 127. Ummmmmm......I chickened out and didnt give basal up front for Maddison being disconnected during swim. She hung out at 126. 20 minutes after swimming started she was 158. I actually RELAXED. She sipped Gatorade a few times over the hour. She left the pool at 126. Did you hear me cheering over there in your neck of the woods? *EVIL VOICE* SCREW YOU DIABETES!! I DID BETTER ON DAY 2!!! Reconnected right after swimming. Bolused .2 missed basal. An hour later, 197. I'll take it. So, who knows what tonight will hold....BUT, I feel SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY!! Maybe I really CAN do this without losing my mind!

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Wendy said...

OMGsh....KELLY!!!!! Hearing about your low does NOT make me happy :(

As for swimming and numbers....it's such a hard balance....I'm so proud of you for doing whatever it takes so that Maddison can participate. You guys deserve a medal!!!!!!