Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting There

Those first crazy stressful days of swim training are behind us. Today we had a day off, but tomorrow we are back to the pool. Yesterday Maddison was stable in the
140's during swim. Afterward she spiked a bit to the 210 mark, came down, then hoovered in the 280-300 range again while sleeping. I think I may be cutting back her basal too much (20%)when she sleeps....maybe not. Maybe it really is a weird Adrenaline after swim thing that is keeping her high. Who knows. All I know is night time is the hardest. I'm fearful of lows when she sleeps, so its hard to make the right decision when my paranoid mind worries that I should prevent the lows (reducing basals) rather that treat them when I see them......becuase WHAT IF I dont catch them? I'm just doing what makes sense right now, but unfortunetly the sleeping hours dont make sense!

After chasing highs all night, Maddison woke up at 100. She hit 67 within an hour after breakfast despite a 50% reduction in her basals and a ratio increase from 1:13to 1:15, which means I still have some adjusting to do. She did great all day after I got the low back up (thanks to the CGM) ....her basal is down to .10 per hour!! Thats 50% of what she used to need during the day!

Funny thing...I made sure Maddison wanted to swim today in our pool right around the normal swim training time. It just made sense. I feel like if I keep every day with the same swim schedule for this first week or two I can adjust things so much faster based on routine. So swim she did. WEIRDNESS struck. 297 after swimming, even though she started at 156 (.3 active) and had 15c of Gatorade with a cheese stick. The days are never the same, even though we try to replicate what we've done and learned! Now its Midnight and Maddison's low (67) with .3 active. Go figure. Last night I reduced basals and she was too high, now tonight I didnt and she's too low. Imagine that. :( Long night ahead!

I'm feeling much more confident and less dramatic about this whole swim team stuff. Amazing what a little sleep will do. :) We have NOTHING planned in the morning, except for me sleeping in. Kind of. I still have to wake up and chase or check blood sugars, but I WILL stay in bed until 10!! My goal for the day is ME! Friday for ME!

I myself didnt wake up scary low last night either. I made several changes in my pump settings to avoid lows overnight. I went to bed at 175 to be safe and woke up at 140. SAFE. No scary low and not terribly high. Taking it slow right now. Thats all I can do. Getting "there" a little more every day.

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