Monday, May 10, 2010

Endo appointment

All day today I was looking forward to Maddison's Endo appointment. Her FANTABULOUS doctor has recently separated from the local Childrens Hospital and started her very own practice. I couldnt wait to see it! Dr will here many of us AZ bloggers rave about our Endo, she is an amazing MOM of two very young boys on top of being the FANTABULOUS doctor that she is. She wanted it all, a practice caring for her patients that also allows her to be home with her children more often. (not to mention exiting the whole big practice drama) So she did it. Dr D is now in her own cute and comfy practice (closer to our house!) and her D families have followed her!

I was sure Maddison's A1c would be around 6.8% (140) since her daytime numbers have been so consistent and her appointment three months ago showed a 6.9% that I didnt expect. Nope. She's up to 7.0% which is GREAT....but that dang A1c is never one that I agree with. Oh well.

The new office paperwork had a section to list any concerns. Where should I start? I listed the same concerns I've listed for the past 3 years. Lack of growth and stomach pain. Maddison is already considered "Short Stature" but this time my concern is her recent rapid weight gain. A weight check confirmed, Maddison's gained 8lbs since her last visit three months ago. Yep. I knew it. I'm also wondering if she's going to be in need of a training bra very shortly. I'm not sure if thats the weight gain or puberty making an early entrance, but either way it freaks me out. This can't be happening. Maddison is barely 4ft tall and appears to be much younger than the 9yrs and 9 months she is. She'll tell you all the time how she is SO tired of being called the little kid. I've put off my concerns for months now....but Dr D confirmed.

After mentioning Maddison even looks a little "puffy" and is about to fall off her growth curve for height, (1%) Dr D ordered extensive lab work including another Celiac panel and Thyroid work up although Maddisons last labs a few months ago came back negative for antibodies. What was negative a few months ago could be highly positive today.

I'm sure its her Thyroid, I just didnt actually expect Dr D to agree. I've seen SOMETHING coming for a long time, more so recently, but, denial is real. Just like when Diabetes was making its move into our lives.

In the morning I'll be taking Maddison in for her fasting tests, but you know what? I'll take a thyroid disorder over other more complicated diseases and disorders any day. If we can do Diabetes, we can do this.

Being the attentive, concerned and compassionate person that Dr D is, she also took time to give her condolences for the loss of my Dad. Dr D knows some of my Dads medical history, and mentioned she knew he was "too young." "64" I told her as she asked me what happened to my Dad... I kept it short, even though by now I was feeling very overwhelmed and wanted a private counseling session after the whole review of Maddison's new concerns. Dr D was taken back with sorrow as I told her all the problems my Dad had in that hospital, her compassion for others is sincere and runs deep. Her voice now quivering with sadness, she told me of her own heartbreaking hospital situation with her own Father in law. Because thats the kind of person she is. She cares. She understands, and she always takes time to validate your feelings. I think we could have both cried together right then and there. I could never say enough how I cherish this woman being Maddison's Endo. That feeling in itself today could have been enough to bring tears to my eyes. Todays Endo appointment turned out to be an emotional roller coaster ride for me today!

Now this. All the what if's until Maddison's blood work comes back. I'm saddened that we had to discuss these concerns in front of Maddison in the office today, causing her needless worry and questions of what may be lying ahead. Now, we wait.


Wendy said...

OH, Kelly...I know this has been lurking for so long in the back of your mind.

If anyone can manage it, it's Dr. D. She's amazing...what a blessing to have her at a time like this.


Amy said... ROCK! Such a great mom..ALWAYS on top of things with Maddison...always impressing the heck out of me! Praying for peace for you as you await these results!!

Tracy said...

LOVE Dr. D! Can't wait to see her office in a few weeks!

Sorry to hear about Madison needing some tests run. I will pray it is nothing, even if you have a sneaking suspicion it is her thyroid.

Hugs to you Kelly! I think about your dad often!

Meri said...

Your family is in my prayers. Waiting is no fun. I hope you get answers soon friend.

Jennifer said...

Courtney has an underactive thyroid & takes Synthroid on a daily basis.

Courtney has been tested for Celiac once before, but she complains of stomach aches alot. I always think she needs to be tested again.

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is a fantastic A1C! I was going to say it is a fantastic A1C for a growing young girl, but heck - it's a fantastic A1C PERIOD!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

What Scott said :)