Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ouch. Oh Dear. Good News.

I've still been emotional! Silly tears are coming in an instant without warning! I feel like such a sap! Earlier last week it was the whole D blogging world that had me turned upside down, along with worrying about Maddison's Endo visit and concerns of growth failure. And, thrown in there was a touch of nervously awaiting Hannah's
8th grade promotion. I just cant BELIEVE my Hannah is going to high school!!! Thats enough to make me teary eyed....proud...excited for the next steps in life....but YIKES! Oh, and then the tooth pain hit. -Sigh- I've put this off for a long time. (tooth that had a root canal that was never crowned) Dental insurance is the worst of the worst, which makes me want to cry when I see the cost of what I need to have done on top of our other medical expenses. My tooth pain struck in the midst of all this craziness which made me irritable and sleepless....which made me even more teary eyed in the drop of a hat!

So, the good news is, Maddison's bone growth has almost caught up! She is only delayed by about 9months-1yr now instead of the 2yrs 9 months at last check. This indicates she is a "late bloomer" rather than facing a growth hormone issue. THANK YOU JESUS!! Now I just need to decide if I really think the Endoscopy is necessary. Hmmmmmm........I think I'll ask about vitamin deficiencies first.

Hannah's promotion was last night. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!!

I absolutely adore all her friends and the parents are all awesome. Promotion was a ton of fun and I didnt even tear up! Afterwards we took Hannah with the family to dinner at Ah-So, her favorite Japanese Tepinyaki restaurant.

((Hannah and my Mom))
YUM! Even with all the excitement going on I kept wishing how my Dad was here to see Hannah off to high school. It seems when I get overwhelmed with ANYTHING it leads back to me terribly missing my Dad and remembering all the horror he/we went through those 25 days of hell in the hospital. -Sigh-

Hannah had 8 girlfriends sleepover last night for a little promotion party and they all ran around in the cul-de-sac with the neighbor boys while Dad had a beer (or two) with the adults. OH DEAR! They didnt come in until 4am!! YES, 4am!! YIKES. I dont know WHAT Dad was thinking, the cops even came to ask why there was a bunch of teens in the streets! But it was all innocent fun. They played Volleyball, ran from house to house and played some good old hide and seek. (which they call ditch 'em)

I however was TRYING to sleep. Maddison still had school today and my tooth was about to explode. I'm pretty darn pain tolerant, but I freak a little with tooth pain. I despise the Dentist. HORRID past experiences with hitting nerves. Yeah. Not good. So, today I went in to see the scary no good Dentist and they ended up informing me that my tooth was infected to the jaw bone and needed to be extracted. (my back molar thank goodness!) FABULOUS. My CGM had already caught 2 morning lows and I was a mess by then. Tears. I was feeling low again! Tears always come a bit too easy when I'm low. I didnt have any juice in my purse. NOTHING but one tab left with the Dentist staring down my throat. Long story short...I was sent to get antibiotics and Percocet and told to come back at 2pm for the extraction.

Low again. It was noon and I still hadnt eaten anything. Went home, ate, slept for
30 min and went back for my Appt. This Dentist was a JERK. No eye contact. He treated me like a number. He had no concern of my Diabetes or the fact that I was worried about going low again. All he kept saying was "you'll be fine." That was it. Silence. I checked my CGM as I waited for the numbing injections to take effect. 168. Ummm.... That could go anywhere after the day I've had with lows! Have you ever had a tooth pulled? I felt no pain at all, but the "tugging" is enough to make you freak out. Then came the drill to "polish off" my jaw bone where the infection started to spread. THAT was HORRIBLE!!! No pain...but FREAKY!!! Over and done in 30 minutes. You should have SEEN what the CGM showed in that 30 minute time frame! I went from 168 to 130 with 2 down arrows within 10 minutes. Then from 130 to 286 by the time the torture was over!!!!!!!!

My face is swollen. I'm numb up to my ears. I'm starving. I just popped a Percocet which is starting to whack me out. I never take pain meds because I hate how they make me feel. Kinda lowish. Dizzy. Slow. I've had many surgeries and avoid taking meds, but give me tooth pain and I MUST take the meds! In my paranoid mind I'm imagining this infection spreading and putting me in the hospital on an IV antibiotic drip. When I worked in the ER years back I saw a patient that had the WORST facial swelling from a bad tooth. I will ALWAYS remember her. Poor girl spent over a week in the hospital....from a tooth!! Ok....time to go....this medication is making me want to puke....I think I need applesauce. CGM says 268. Oh geez!


Joanne said...

Glad to hear Maddison is catching up, and congrats on Hannah's promotion... I can't imagine the emotion that goes along with seeing your little girl reaching such a huge milestone.

And sorry to hear about the tooth. I am sooooooo with you on the dentist stuff. I put off a root canal for a year and a half, but luckily it didn't progress that far. I hope you feel better and are pain-free SOON!

CraftyLikeLindy said...

Kelly I feel for you! I had a tooth that abcessed once and was in the ER with the IV antibiotics. I looked like had been beaten my face was so swollen. Well now I had a root canal done about a month ago, crown and all and the damn tooth is now infected. I got the antibiotics but am so freaked out about it getting worse or having to have the root canal redone....
Take some Aleve it always helps with my tooth pain and doesn't make me feel loopy

Wendy said...


I'm behind in my blogs....HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that family picture...and she's SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Yippee for late night romping...ah...the good old days ;)

THE TOOTH!!!! HOLY TOLEDO!!!!! Kelly!!!!!! How are you????? I hope, by now, you're doing better with a perfect flatline! (That sounds strange, eh?)