Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today was Maddison's last day of 3rd grade! Adios! Goodbye! On to 4th grade we go! Could it be, just like that Diabetes changes? The excitement of summer? The relief of school pressures? Seems like it to me! As of this morning at 11am when the school bell rang, we started chasing lows. Low after low after low. Interesting!

Our afternoon today was spent doing our traditional first day of Summer shop for swimsuits! We met Josh for lunch, it was NICE just to be out and around with BOTH my girls. Hannah tends to be a stranger these days. Always with her friends! I'm feeling a bit neglected! Hannah also had her first sand Volleyball tournament tonight. Thank goodness it was a "cool" 90 degrees when they started, that wont last long. In the next couple weeks I'll be sweating to death out there! Hannah and her partner took 4th tonight. Not bad for just getting back on the sand courts. Sand is TOUGH, but these girls LOVE IT!

Guess what I got? FLAT LINES!!! Actually, if I'm not low, I have flat lines! There they are all day on the CGM and even overnight. Today I flatlined at 83-87 for THREE HOURS!! Maybe getting rid of that bad tooth was what I needed to gain back some D control. SHEESH! Now if I can just make a few more adjustments to basals I should get rid of all the lows following me. :)

Last night proved to be very hard to sleep. It wasn't really pain in my jaw that was the worst (though I would say it was a 8 on the pain scale!) it was the pain in my ear and down my neck. You know me. Paranoid! I was sure I was getting an infection spreading all through my body from this dang tooth. I was sure Diabetes was causing some serious complications with healing. Somehow I managed to fall asleep between pain surges. I just popped a few Ibuprofen today and I was good to go. A much better way to start the Summer!

I'm SO ready for SUMMER. Not so much for swim team that starts next week though. As always, we have alot going on this summer! Hannah is going on a cruise with her Auntie who JUST finished her Ph.d (SO PROUD OF YOU) as their promotion and graduation gift. Hannah's Vball team is also going to the NATIONALS tournaments in Reno. My Mom is retiring, which means the girls and I will be able to spend some much needed time with her. We have plans to paint her house, buy some new furniture and do some fun decorating stuff. All the while, we will be healing our broken hearts together. My Niece is Graduating high school and will be coming from Germany to attend NAU....lots of fun stuff this year being crammed in around swim team and sand volleyball. Summer....WE ARE READY!


Meri said...

Your summer sounds so crazy and fun! We have nothing big planned yet...can't wait to see what the summer has in store for us! (Now if only it would stop raining!!!!)

connie said...

It sounds like you are about to have a seriously action packed summer! Should be fun :)

I really hope that your pain from that extracted tooth starts to heal up soon, I recently had a wisdom tooth removed myself...yikes!!! It's not fun at all.

Feel better soon :)

Wendy said...

That freaking tooth situation needs to get it together! Sounds like you have WAY too much fun for this summer and no time for teeth drama ;)

We're just hanging around for the first part of summer and heading to visit my mom in July!!!