Friday, May 14, 2010

One of THOSE Mornings!

Today was one of those mornings, starting at the weeeeeee hours of Midnight of course! Yesterday evening I slapped on the CGM because I’ve been running way higher than is normal for me. Maybe it’s the stress of waiting to hear Maddison’s lab results? Maybe it’s the stress of imagining all kinds of terrible diseases waiting to be uncovered? (I’m guessing Maddie has a GH defiecieny, Hypothyroid or Celiac) So anyway, I need the CGM right about now. I got my first high blood sugar alarm (I set it at 180) just after I fell asleep after tossing and turning at 11pm. 268. WTF? I corrected and set my alarm for 1am since Maddison needed to be re-checked then anyway. Next thing I know its 12:30am and my pump is in a mad vibration alert with ALL the alarm bells ringing. 288. You get the deal. The CGM alarmed two more times between the normal alarm times for me to check Maddison. The cat must have been attracted to the alarms because he wouldnt stop pouncing on my feet! I’m tired and I’m grumpy today!

I really never know where one day ends and another begins I guess. Maddison woke up complaining about everything. I know you must think I complain all the time and Maddison gets it from me since I’m always a complaining blogger. Truth is, I don’t tolerate it in my house. Maddison can *sometimes* be talked out of her grumpiness by conversating about the things she loves, like her pets, Science or nature stuff. Today she was just mean and rolled her eyes at my efforts. –Sigh-

Nothing seemed to work right. All the little things. We were out of bread. How can you make Maddison’s daily PB sandwich without bread? On field day! The CGM showed a spike to 289 after my morning coffee. The cat ran outside and we couldn’t catch him, which caused the kids to be late for school. Maddison refused to eat her breakfast after being bolused, so I had to feed her Goldfish to get her to school on time. I got leg cramps while hiking on the treadmill, so I had to stop. My cell phone rang and my heart skipped several beats because I thought it was the Doctor calling with Maddison’s lab results. I got dizzy. Nope, not the call I’ve been waiting for, it was Hannah asking me to print a paper and bring it to school when I leave for work. That’s a whole nother issue in itself, Hannah and homework! The printer ran out of ink half way through. The cat chewed on plant and now I’m worried he will be poisoned. My Cgm continued to alarm. Jehovas Witness were knocking at the door AGAIN which made the dogs go bonkers and the birds squawk.

When I ran the papers to school, field day was happening. A Fire truck was blocking the parking lot which made me worry about Maddison. Which made me HATE Diabetes. I had to park a mile away! Then I got stuck behind a street sweeper which made me late for work. I had a phone meeting scheduled with our head doctor, and my pen wouldn’t work. TWICE. Doctors don’t like to repeat themselves! Then I was low while trying to process everything he was telling me. I must have sounded totally incapable! Its
11am and I’m still worried about my Maddison, not only because its field day, but because I know something is going on inside that little body of hers. I’m sure it is “just Celiac or “just her thyroid” but it still SUCKS. SUCKS and makes me want to cry for her! I’m HOPING it wont be one of these days ALL day!

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