Monday, May 17, 2010


Maddison's lab work came back surprisingly fine, Dr D was shocked. We can't understand how her Thyroid levels are good, despite her symptoms and weight gain. We were both sure the problem laid within the Thyroid. Its good to hear Maddison's HDL (good cholesterol) is 90, which in my understanding means she is "protected" as far as a heart health where Diabetes is concerned. THANK GOD. We are still waiting for Maddison's bone age years past Maddison's bone age was delayed by almost 3 years. No surprise since she was considered "failure to thrive" starting at age 5 months. (I was breast feeding after having masses removed that minimized milk production!)

So, here we are back to square one. No antibodies for Celiac either. BUT, Dr D and I discussed the need for an Endoscopy because Maddison never follows the books and never has shown any Diabetes antibodies either. -Sigh- I called to schedule the scope right after speaking to Dr D. Not a fun way to start your summer!

All the symptoms Maddison has are NOT normal. Tiredness, a decreased mental work capacity, weakened concentration and memory, irritability and depression. Dental enamel defects....Stomach aches, headaches, constipation, skin irritations....All symptoms point to Celiac but I cant help but hope maybe its something easier. Maybe Maddison has a vitamin deficiency? That would be much easier to handle than Celiac, for sure. So, here I am today feeling more confused than ever. I was hoping to find an answer so we could correct the issue and move forward. -Sigh-


Mrs. Harer said...

I hope they are able to figure out what is going on, her symptoms don't sound like much fun.

Tracy said...

Sorry you did not get an actual answer as to what is going on.

I hope the GI appt goes well and maybe you will get some answers then.

I hate being more confused than ever. :(

Amy said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the answers you needed Kelly!! But...keep following your'll get it figured out. That may be a good call on the vit. deficiency...I wonder about vitamin D?? I worry so much about Jada and her D levels, especially living near the Arctic Circle and no sunlight in the winter. I've got her on a good multivitamin.
((HUGS))'ll figure it out!

Hallie said...

I'm sorry, Kelly. Let us know when the scope is. I hope you get some REAL answers REAL soon!

Laura said...

Oh Kelly - I'm so sorry!
I hope you get some answers soon.

AjsMommy82 said...

Hope they figure it out soon!