Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colorado Crossroads 2010 Tournament

Hannah's team "Synergy" took 21st place out of 60 other National teams in this weekends Crossroads Tournament! Not so bad considering our girls were a MESS on Sunday. They just couldn't pull the team together. Every one's play was off, and almost every girl on the team was feeling ICK of some sort. Gotta love the germs of airports and airplanes :( The tournament took place at the downtown Denver convention center. 75 volleyball courts is an amazing sight, Hannah's HEAVEN! ALOT OF NOISE!!

So what is it with low blood sugars when you travel to higher elevations? Friday Maddison and I were both low, low, low ALL DAY. Saturday a temp basal reduction helped us both....but by Saturday Maddison had ICK. Sore throat, headache...the whole thing. She spent ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday over 250. ICK. But, of course, the plane ride home on Monday started with a low (71) for Maddison that was working its way down quickly. I had to treat that twice...and her lows haunted me all night. I left Maddison at a "stable" 180 to go to bed, not wanting to correct the high when I REALLY needed sleep with my lingering head cold. She was 60 by 2am, then stayed there all night! Elevation? Weird stuff. Basals that worked a few nights while we were home in Phoenix are not needed anymore I guess. As if traveling wasn't a PITA enough. Here I go again with the basal chasing I guess.

I gotta mention, I met a Colorado Mom who's daughter was dx'd at age 6....I had just been walking through the convention center with Maddison at my side, treating her low with juice. I couldn't help but wonder as I looked around the room at all these great young athletes if one of them played with Diabetes. I was thinking to myself...how the heck would I keep Hannah feeling physically her best to play the game without risking a low during play? Of course Hannah doesn't have D...but how do Moms manage D on the Volleyball court? Sure enough....about an hour later I saw a Mom across the court walk up to her daughter with that familiar black zippered case. Too funny! Her daughter was talking with her team to the coach and I saw the girl tell her mom "JUST A MINUTE MOM! I KNOW!" What a pain Diabetes is!! Poor girl, being bothered by Diabetes when she's just trying to play the game! So, I HAD to go walk over and chat with that fellow D Mom. She was very nice, and I just had to tell her how I thought she was an awesome Mom for managing D on that court. Its such an added hassle and worry. Aren't we all great for all we do!!?? :)

Weird thing....on Saturay I woke up with my left thigh numb. Still is. Of course, I'm freaked out about Neuropathy....but that just cant be! A pinched nerve maybe? I've got some weird stuff going on. I came home from work a bit early today. Fever, ear pain, sore throat. My neck muscles and glands are all swollen. ICK. OUCH. Thank goodness it was Joshs day off! I climbed in bed and slept from 2-8pm! Maddison helped me treat a 41 low about an hour after I fell asleep. In my sleeping grogginess, I told Maddison I was low and she ran to get my meter while I stayed curled up under the blankets. She checked me and made sure I drank all my juice. I love that girl. I fell right to sleep (yikes) and didnt even know she rechecked me about an hour later. I was 71 and she woke me up for more juice!! My girls' got my back!

We had a great trip. Hannah's team had alot of time to bond and have fun together between games. They learned alot. We watched the top girls Volleyball teams in the nation. The girls were inspired. They learned about determination and how important good chemistry is to a team. We didnt even freeze in the cold weather! Maddison LOVED the snow. What an awesome experience. And so, the season continues. GO SYNERGY!


Wendy said...

I'm so proud of Hannah!!!! What a girl!!!!! And so beautiful...my goodness, what's Josh going to to????

I'm so sorry you guys aren't feeling well :( I hope you get back in the game soon.

The story about Maddison taking taking care of you almost made me cry. Love that kiddo...what a great vet she's going to make!!!!

Tracy said...

What a great trip! (minus the illness and low BG's of course!)

You totally brought tears to my eyes telling about how Madison treated your low, re-checked, and treated again while you were sleeping! What an amazing little girl!

Donna said...

OMG!! I loved reading about how Maddison checked YOU and helped you out of your low! AMAZING kid!

Shamae said...

Well fun times and great job team!!

I think it's cute...in a sad way...that Maddison takes care of you too. It is bittersweet that you can share that with her. It's one of the things that bothers me with Syd is that I really don't know how she feels. I know the schematics of it all but i don't know what it feels like.

Meri said...

What a sweetheart Hannah was! Taking such good care of you. That just warmed my heart. She'll never feel alone in all this. That is a silver lining for sure.

Get better soon!