Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Another weird site change last night! This is how my thinking goes.....Maddison had a LONG bath. Which meant, she missed some basal dosing while her pump was off. I could dose the missed insulin, or wait and see what happens since Spring Break has equalled lows all hours of the day and night. This was also the first night of basal reductions. And, a site change. So, ya got 3 things to consider.

I checked Maddison in at 280 for sleeping. Corrected that. Two hours later, she's still 260. I take the assumption that her site is ok, but she really missed quite a bit of basal OR the basal changes for the night were just TOO much. Probably both. I corrected the 260 and Maddison was down to 160 within 2 hours. That means the site is ok right?

I was off to work, rechecked Maddison first, and she's back to the 200's. Corrected that at went on my way while Maddie slept in peacefully. I called my dear husband at breakfast time to see what Maddison's number was, and to warn him that I think her site is a bit weird, or that basal changes were just to much. I wanted him to check often today.

ME: "What was Maddison's BS before she ate?"

HIM: "I didnt check it. I thought you did"


Wouldnt you think husbands could be on top of D for ONE day? Just look back in the damn meter and see what her last number was and what time it was checked!

I tried to focus back to my work and let him deal with it. Then my phone rings. Maddison is HI. Now, I FREAK. I'm telling you, Josh has the worst luck. Every-single-time I leave Maddison home with him something like THIS happens. It never fails. So, I had to explain to him how sites can just sometimes "go bad" because he just didnt understand how Maddison could have gone down to 160 over night then back up. -Sigh- Ketones are small. I'm irritated. I feel bad for Maddie. Now he has to deal with it at home while I worry at work. No big deal right?

An hour later my phone rings and all I hear is my Dear husband chewing me out. He had just realized he filled Maddison's pump with NPH and gave her a nice big correction, plus additional for missed basals. He wanted to know WHY we have NPH in the fridge. Well, we have it because it was my Dads! I'm supposed to be donating it!! So, in his fury, he took out his frustration on me for having NPH in the fridge. It was ugly. We were both freaked out and furious with each other. Long dramatic day cut short, Maddison was down to 370 within 2 hours. The Endo ordered us to disconnect the pump for several hours since NPH was working as the new basal. We have been bolusing food in half doses. This day is far from over, but so far Maddison's in the 300's which is better than HI and better than the 3o's.

Now what all the initial drama is over, I'm relieved to find out that what Josh actually filled the pump with was an old vial of Lantus. So, it isnt even NPH, its just 2 units of Lantus that shouldnt be there. THANK GOODNESS! Diabetes can turn ugly REALLY fast. The hike they had planned today just couldnt happen. Damn Diabetes. I'm going to have some quiet time now, wondering what tonight will bring!


Lora said...

BLA!! What a day :(
Hope your night is calmer :)

Donna said...

Hang in there, girl... and here's hoping for a peaceful night!

Jennifer said...

That was quite a day.

Hallie said...

Oh, Kelly. I'm sorry. That just sucks. D is so irritating. I hope you have a better end to the week!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Remember the old Calgon commercials? (Am I dating myself here?!) Sounds like you had a "Calgon, take me away!" kind of day! Hope tomorrow's a better day!

Wendy said...

Love to all of you, my friend! I just about threw up when you called me earlier!!!!!