Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who? Me? The foot Naitze!

******I must say, my Diabetes is unlike anyone Else's Diabetes!! I have it "easy" compared to most. I make dosing changes, correct highs, give a little effort and all is good for my numbers. UNLIKE Maddison's Diabetes which requires CONSTANT efforts and an incredible amount of detailed decision making! My Diabetes takes minimal efforts, whereas Maddison's makes me insane. Just an FYI. I dont want to be thought of as someone that "brags" or "boasts" about my A1c. I just do what I need to do and it works. I'm a lucky one!!**********

This afternoon I'll be going to see my Endo. I haven't been to an appointment since last April. At that time, my A1c was 6.0% and she gave me the go ahead to come in every year (or maybe it was every 6mo??) since my highest A1c since starting the pump in 2007 was 6.2%. This was a miracle gift from this woman I tell ya! Anyone who's followed my blog over the years knows my Endo is very controlling. She is very unrealistic and......ummm......perfecting. HA! Perfecting and Diabetes should never be used together in the same sentence!

She tells me things like:

I cannot/should not wear flip flops or toe rings. (seriously, she tells me this every time!!) I'm supposed to buy "a good pair of Diabetic shoes" LOL!! I'm only 32 lady!! Who? Me?

NO PEDICURES ALLOWED. Too much risk with those sharp files and clippers I guess. (insert giggles here)

I should try harder to get my morning 130 number under 80 (with a 6.0 a1c!!) Even though I go to bed at that number at sit totally stable all night! Ummmm....I'll just take the 130 thank you. Some things just can't be fixed and cause more harm than good trying to make it "better." Trust me. 130 is better than 30. Tried it!

My weight is a concern because I gain and lose weight each visit. Last visit I was 124lbs but she wants me around 120 where I was when I started seeing her. (ACK!) Is she for real??!! She expects me to maintain "stable" weight! Who? Me?

She doesn't understand why I need to wake in the middle of the night to check Maddison's BS multiple times. She says I need my sleep to help control my Diabetes. YA THINK?

She always wants me to "log" and fax my numbers to her so she can adjust insulin where needed. Who? Me? LOL! I seriously laugh to that! NO THANKS! I think I'm doing just fine lady! When I hit the 8's and can't figure it out, I'll let you know :)

She considers an A1c over 7.0 to be grounds for "non-compliance" and you will be deemed "uncontrolled"

My A1c in October was 6.5. I missed that appointment but called for the A1c result. I think she might FREAK OUT on me today. Most times, I really do like this Endo besides the fact that she wears her panties too tight. I usually chuckle inside hearing her comments. If she catches me on the wrong day though, she makes me want to scream. Or argue. Which, I will do just to prove that I'M still the expert in my own care. :) I'm off to see her now......


Well, my A1c came back at 6.4 which is pretty good considering how lazy I've been. My blood sugar the time of the blood draw was 54. OOPS. I was on a mad cleaning frenzy that morning before the blood draw and I didnt check myself before I rushed off to the lab. I got lectured for that. As I should have been. I need to be checking more often. And, always before I drive. BAD ME.

A weird thing, my Potassium was low. Under 2.5 as a matter of fact. Hypokalaemia. That words makes me want to vomit. I heard it a bit too much when my Dad was in the hospital. So, my Endo ordered STAT labs and I had it repeated along with a liver panel, cortisol and detailed CBC. Lets hope the 2.5 wasn't correct, or, has corrected itself since last weeks blood draw. WEIRD.

All was good today visiting my Endo, she didnt even lecture me for missing my last appointment. Then came the foot exam. I guess I should be happy she takes my feet so seriously. But, it still makes me giggle inside. Silently. I always wonder if I need to remind her that I'm only 4yrs into diagnosis? Sometimes its just better not to say anything and just go along with it :)

Dr P: "Your heels are calloused, you need to watch out for that. If they start to crack you are at risk of infection"

Me: "Ohhh, yeah....thats because I'm barefoot all the time." (Oh Shit! I shouldnt have said that to the foot naitze!)

Dr P: (gasping) "I thought we have talked about total foot care!" You should never, ever be barefoot. Not even in your own home, you need to wear house shoes! But, I guess thats your choice if you choose not to. Just know that you are putting your feet at risk."

Wow. All I could do was giggle inside while kicking myself for slipping out my barefoot habit to the foot Naitze! Bring on the spring and summer. Bring on the toe rings and barefoot days by the pool! Sorry foot Naitze....its time for you to chill.


Anonymous said...

Geez Kel, I know you and I am 100% positive that you know how to take care of yourself....I'm sorry but sounds like you need a new endo! No wonder why you don't go religously. It's like me spending money for a co-pay because I'm sick and she spends 25 minutes talking about quitting smoking and 5 minutes going over the antibiotics she gave me. Duh dumb ass! I have seen people die of lung cancer, I see it everyday, my mom works for hospice, I could give you a million reasons to quit and only one why I don't-because I DON'T WANT TO! I'm not paying her to listen to her lecture me like I'm 10. Needless to say, I didn't go back! Glad you had a good time in CO. I can't believe that jump serve she has! Omigosh!
~T. Lou

Meri said...

I'm wondering if there is a thin line between giggling at someone and wanting to punch them in the face. :)

I'm with the flip flop thing...bring on the summer!!!

Wendy said...

This post totally cracked me up!!!!

HA! Let some endo adjust YOUR pump settings...I've never heard something so hilarious in my entire life!!!!!!!

Can't wait for a barefoot summer swim this summer. You, of course, will be wearing pool shoes, I'm sure ;)

phonelady said...

wow this dr is a foot nazi yack !!! she would die in florida everyone wears flip flops here . I wear flips in the house too and why no pedis ? honestly I have never heard that from my dr . wow Im going to ask next time .

Tracy said...

You have me giggling here too! Bare feet and flip flops here we come!

Shamae said...

Whoa! I didn't know you were only dx 4 years ago. Cool! Great job on your A1C...that's awesome!!

Donna said...

This post was the best laugh I have had today!!!
Sounds like you are doing GREAT! =)