Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seeing the Lantus

It's just before midnight, and I'm really starting to see the Lantus from this mornings little mishap begin to take over. Sure, Maddison was only given 2u of Lantus in error, but 2u of Lantus to Maddison is ALOT.

This is gonna be a long night. Maddison was happy to get that extra snack before bed, thats a plus. She sure is excited about little Ms Lillie. Maybe thats where the lows are coming from. Excitement. Could be. Who knows. Either way, you can bet tomorrow I'm gonna need a double shot espresso! Maybe two!

64....72.....another snack. A little girl all cuddled in bed, happy as can be. Thats all that really matters. I will be SO relieved when this Lantus is out of her system tomorrow and life can resume without such intense worry and fear. Something tells me tomorrow is going to make up for todays chaos. A happy girl with her new furry friend. Two goldens eager for their morning walk. Birds singing all around us...an 80 degree day. Yes, tomorrow is sure to be a better day.


Wendy said...

LANTUS BE GONE!!!!!!!!! I'll be anxious to hear how things are in the morning. Thinking of you!!!

Meri said...

Here is to a wonderful day! How could you not just grin ear to ear all day with that adorable puppy in front of you!! Hope you got some sleep last night Kelly!

Tracy said...

Today will be a better day!

Hope things get back to "normal" for you guys!