Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Sweet, Sleepless Lilly

Three nights down. I expected sleep by night four. I highly doubt it tonight. Dear, Sweet little Lilly. -Sigh- Our family has raised 5 Goldens puppies throughout the years, (besides our litter of 8) and none have been THIS sleepless. You see, little Lilly weighs just 1 pound 12 ounces. Little puppies have the tiniest bladders I guess. Lilly woke up every half hour the first two nights. EVERY HALF HOUR, on top of a low night for Maddison. That was a mess. Last night was better, she almost slept for 2 hours stretches! Let me tell ya, this tiny puppy can really SCREAM from her crate when she needs to potty! Lilly misses her 9 other litter mates. And, apparently she wasn't fully weaned as they promised. Dear, Sweet Lilly is killing me.

I'm not sure I was even this tired when my kids were born! Seriously. Diapers are easy compared to potty training a puppy with a bladder the size of a....sunflower seed!! Feeding a newborn was simple too, just pop 'em on the breast and snooze a bit! Not so much for puppy. Running everywhere. Along side the pool! Gotta make sure she doesn't get trampled by the older dogs! Lilly doesn't sleep. If she senses she is alone during the day, she wakes up and searches for you, screaming a puppy cry all the way. I almost have started to wonder if there is something wrong with this dog! As soon as she's asleep, she wakes up! Oh, and get this....little breeds such as this are prone to hypoglycemia until they reach about 3lbs., I'm worried about the dogs blood sugar!!! They suggested I rub Karo syrup in her gums once a day until then. So, after Lilly runs around the backyard for what seems like hours (chasing the Goldens) I just go ahead and give her a tiny bit then too! I'm sure all that running around makes her low right!!?? One lap in our backyard is miles to a dog her size! -Sigh-

Today was Spring Cleaning day. All the stuff that never gets done. I washed baseboards, walls, floors, blinds, laundry, dusted the dust balls way up high. Scrubbed the pool, organized kids know. All THAT stuff. I decided to officially declare that house cleaning CURES Diabetes. Sure does for me anyway! I cant tell you how many mini packs of Skittles and juice I've had today. GAG.

Maddison's basals are about 30% less for Spring break right now too. And, we havent really even been that active. A boring break for a change. Nothing exciting, because Sleepless Lilly needs constant attention right now. Maddison's loving it. Me? Ummmmmm.......lets just say, next time I'll stick to the Golden pup thank you. These little dogs are crazy!


Wendy said...


Just what you need...ANOTHER blood sugar to worry about :)

phonelady said...

yep I know same way with the chihuahuas . little dogs are just like that more work LOL!!!

Hallie said...

BOOOOOO to sleepless nights! That's just creul - diabetes and a puppy! But what a darling pic! Hope you get thru this stage SOON! (this is why I'm a cat person!)

Reyna said...

OK...she is ADORABLE!