Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trust the one who LIVES this life

Ohhhh my dear Husband..... Yesterday I asked that you please take my advice. TRUST ME, the one who lives this life. Consider me the Endo, the CDE.....take direction from me! "PLEASE!!!" bolus Maddison 20c MORE than you think she has eaten when you decide to go out to eat. TRUST ME, I do it all the time. Of course, I'm far from perfect managing Maddison's numbers. I make ALOT of mistakes, but I have however, learned from each one. I am the educated decision maker for Maddison's disease. I explain this to people all the time, its not the Endo or the CDE. I am the primary care giver, I keep my child alive. Trust me, the one who lives this life!

I came home this afternoon from work to an obviously "crazy high" Maddison. I could see it there in the darkness under her eyes. The yawning. The irritability. 433. I have to question, I have to decide what the problem is! So I ask....

ME: "What did you have for lunch?"

Maddison: "Grilled cheese and french fries from Johnny Rockets"

ME: RELIEVED that this is an obvious wrong carb count from lunch! At least this isn't another bad site concern!!

So I ask "Dad"...."what did you bolus for Maddison's lunch?" (yes I realize I shouldnt have even asked)

"Dad" says 37c or something like that. I gasp. I'm really trying hard here to not get frustrated as I remind "Dad" that I always bolus for 20c MORE than what I think Maddison has eaten when we eat at a restaurant. I again explain how restaurant food is disguised as far less than it is, and the whole high fat concern. Then I explain how we always check blood sugar two hours after eating unknown carb counted catch a low or a "crazy high" after eating out. I know he knows this. So why didn't he take my advice? Now, once again, Maddison pays the price.

By the time Maddison was checked at home after lunch, it had been 5 hours since eating. (they went to the movies after lunch) 5 hours after an unknown meal!! No wonder she feels like crap! Why wasn't Maddison checked sooner? They were out of test strips. Yep. We have a 3 month supply stashed in the closet. Thats 1200 test strips, but Dad and Maddison didnt know the container in her purse was EMPTY. Fabulous. I'm so glad I'm home tomorrow. This is where I want and NEED to be. Poor Josh, I know he felt bad, sad, mad and guilty for Maddison's "crazy high" again today. All I could think to say was "Welcome to my world."


AjsMommy82 said...

Oh this sounds all too familiar! My little one was diagnosed last month and we’ve already had a ton of these days! I’m almost to the point that I want to quit my job to stay home with her!
When will these guys ever learn?!

Jill said...

I know EXACTLY how ya feel! Fortunately my place is at home with Kacey so I can keep control over all of that. I feel your frustration girlie!! (((HUGS)))