Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camp day 3/4

Yesterday was a crazy busy Wednesday! Maddison again attended Camp Ruffin it (day 3) and Dad was the lucky one to hang around to manage the D monster. Basals still needed some work....Maddison's 2 hour post breakfast was can that be after 400% increase of morning basals? -Sigh- Yesterday was THE day I would have loved to go to camp with Maddison! Yesterday they got to meet the Vets and watch LIVE surgery. Not the spay/neuter as planned....they had something much more interesting. A cat with a compound fracture to repair and some emergency dental work on a older dog. Maddison says she didn't even get squeamish! Surely she IS a Vet in progress! This was the highlight of her day besides the playing with the new litter of Chihuahua puppies!

After Maddison's day at camp I arranged for Auntie to hang out with Maddison and wait for Hannah to come home from her Volleyball camp. This way Josh could meet me at my Surgical consult. After reading the diagnostic reports I picked up the other day to bring along, I successfully freaked myself out yet again. Before my appointment I was fearing only the worst, but still believing "it" could never "really" happen to me. So....I felt better having Josh come along, even though I've been down this road several times without feeling like he needed to be there. Something about being in my 30's makes this "suspicious mass" seem scarier than before. Or maybe thats just because I have this crazy disease called Diabetes this time around. Anyway, this Breast Specialist assures me that the Pathologists concern of a PHYLLODES TUMOR isn't likely. His expertise told me that he is 98% sure this mass is just another Fibroadenoma. Why was that Pathologist freaking me all out anyway!!?? Of course, only excision and complete biopsy will tell. But, for now I'm not worried. I'm scheduled June 16th for a bilateral lumpectomy. The second bilateral in 5 years. Yep, this specialist says I just have to keep up with the yearly breast ultrasounds and biopsies if/when new masses show up. How nice.

The even better news is this.....I stood firm on my request for just local anesthesia. The Doctor asked me why I am so hesitant to have the general anesthesia, so I told him that the whole Diabetes thing and going under really makes me nervous. I explained to him that I typically don't do well with recovering from general anesthesia and I am likely to be stuck in deep sleep for many hours afterwards. Not safe when I need to know what my blood sugar is after fasting all day! Do you know what he replied with? He assured me that the staff would check my blood sugar several times during the surgery, then he suggested I turn down my pump and run a bit higher before surgery, after and during, to be safe. WHAT AN AWESOME BRILLIANT MAN HE IS!! A doctor that knows what he is talking about when it comes to a pump! He understood my concerns (and fears) and has agreed to just LOCAL anesthesia for the procedure! YAY! Now I dont have to worry about the anesthesia! June 16th is the date. I'm anxious to get it done :)

After my consult the girls and I met my Dad for our Wednesday night dinner before Hannah's sand tournament. My Dad seems happier each visit! He just had his foot re-casted. The doctor reported that the foot looks less swollen and the warmth has diminished. YAY!

Halfway through Hannah's sand tournament I heard Maddison scream out from across the court. In her hand she was proud to show me a tiny baby quail chick that she swooped up as he scampered along looking for his covey. No covey to be seen. Needless to say, after Volleyball we had a little quail chick to turn in to the rescue!

Today was day 4 of Camp Ruffin it! I moved back all Maddison's basal rates, now starting the increases to kick in by 6:30am for that dawn phenomenon thats been haunting us since being back to early mornings. Well....I really screwed up this time. Maddison woke up at 88. Quick bath, time for breakfast. No pre-bolus on a day you dont know what to expect. Good thing! As Maddison sat down to her her typical breakfast I decided to see which way the new basals had her going. She was 66! Yep, I had already bolused as the meal began. 15c of juice with breakfast will do. Re-check AFTER eating....78. Ummmm...I can see where this is going. No where. She's gonna hang around the 80's with too much active to be comfortable. 13c Gogurt. recheck as we get to camp....88. OMG, can we PLEASE just have a good morning!!?? Two life savers. Re-check. 122. Better, still scary. 2 hours post she's 146 with .6 active. Juice. Snack in one hour. She's 126. Despite the stressful start (for me) to camp Day 4 it was FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Tomorrow......what to do with basals? Obviously I need to move the time I **thought** the dawn phenomenon kicked in. Sheesh! I was lucky today. I caught the lows before they happened. What to do.....what to do..........Tomorrow is the last day of camp. I wish Maddison had something like this to do every day this summer! Tomorrow the kids will learn to teach obedience to their pets. They will have a chance to do agility courses with several shelter dogs AND.....its BATH TIME! Some very lucky shelter dogs Will get a bath from some very excited and eager kids! My camera is going back to camp tomorrow!


Wendy said...

I'm so happy to hear you're feeling better about surgery :)

Maddison and her cracks me up!!!! That's one heck of a special girl you have there ;)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Glad to hear the doc was open to working with you on your diabetes management - seems a rare quality these days!