Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sargent Maddison

Thanks for noticing. (being sarcastic yet appreciative) Yes Maddison, I am eating MORE chips. No, I didn't count them, you're right. Maddison is there, keeping me on track once again. Funny that she notices, Maddison is my food police. I'm not sure how I feel about this actually!

Lately Maddison is watchful. She's noticed! If my 8yr old has noticed, I must be nearing a habit. Maddison has been questioning why I haven't been "counting out" my food portions. She asks me why she gets a serving size, and why I just eat from the container. should I say......I've just gotten lazy and careless!
Tonight Maddison asked me two simple questions that make me realize (yet again) that I can't slack with MY Diabetes. The food police is watching me.

"How do you know how much to bolus for that Mom if you don't count how many you are eating?"

"Won't you just be high or low later then?"

Oh my. Lesson learned. My child with Diabetes is watching me make the wrong choices. I can't just eat out of the bag! I have to count everything I eat! How dare I slack lately? (jokingly) I guess having the food police at my house is a good thing. I just never expected it to be my 8 yr old! I have to set a good example for my child with Diabetes......dang. For once I just wanted to pretend I could get away with it.....I guess not, LOL. If its not the high or low that gets ya for being careless counting your carbs, it will be Sargent Maddison in my house!

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