Friday, June 26, 2009

Time to make a video

Maddison was asking me today when we will start making our JDRF walk video for this year's fund raising. Maddison decided that she wants to be interviewed and talk about everything there is to know about her Diabetes. She made a list of what she wants her interview to include:

Her story, including details of my diagnosis and how I "saved her life" catching her Diabetes early. (brought tears to my eyes!)

Explanation of Type 1 AND Type 2

Symptoms for parents to watch for

How life is now

What "suks" about Diabetes

What is "good" about Diabetes

and....what she feels they need to do to find a cure.

This should be interesting!! I'm so excited Maddison took the initiative to get this years video started, I haven't had any ideas!

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