Friday, June 19, 2009

Lost again

Where in the world do lost things go in this house anyway? Why aren't they ever found later? Somewhere in this house is ANOTHER lost pump site inserter. I've searched every room, cabinet, drawer......every where. Lost site inserter #2. I wonder if the dog ran off with it? I've been in a very good habit of returning it immediately to its safe place in our "Diabetes" cabinet, yet it is nowhere to be seen on this site change day. Oh man. Maddison wasn't happy! Somehow Maddison has come down with a fear of needles. How does that just happen one day? Maddison was the girl that never complained about shots. (except the night she came home from the hospital and realized Diabetes did too)Even when Maddison was on shots as a tiny 6yr old she would rather have extra food with an extra shot than to not have it at all. Poor Maddie, she freaked out a bit for Sundays site change.

I must say, I changed my site the following day and it wasn't so pleasant. It didnt hurt, but it was gross to feel the sensation of the skin being punctured slowly by that giant site needle. YUCK. Of course, I forgot to order a new inserter. What kind of torturing, neglectful, terrible Diabetes mom am I? I could kick myself as I realized last night was a site change night yet again. No inserter, again. I didn't even want to tell Maddison. Same as Sunday, she was NOT happy. We had to have a little talk about being brave and mind power. She clearly is letting her mind freak her out. Hannah came to hold her hand during the site change, and just like was over and done. I still felt that yucky sensation of the skin slowly being punctured. Does anyone know how much we HATE doing this to our child every 3 days? Fortunately, we can still say this puncture wound is entirely worth it. We love our insulin pumps. Most people will tell you so. Instead of complaining, (with tears in her eyes)Maddison mentioned how she still loves her pump......because it "keeps me healthier and happier" AMEN. You can bet today the first thing I did upon waking was order a new inserter......x's 2, just in case.


Beth said...

Sorry you had to do the insertions manually - it does sound horrifying, Kel. AAAAHHHHH Would numbing cream help Maddi feel better about it? It's a pain to wait an hour, but if it helps her to not freak, then maybe worth it....

Now that you've ordered more, the other ones will show up, of course. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey! Let me know if this happens again. I have extras that I won't need - don't PAY for something that you can get free! :-)