Monday, June 8, 2009

Behaving blood sugars

Yep. Maddison's blood sugars are behaving in the mornings now that she's not awake at 6am for Summer Camp! Why is Diabetes so WEIRD and MYSTERIOUS? Saturday, Sunday and today Maddison's post breakfast number was perfectly on track, but wake the girl up at 6am and its all over. Dawn phenomenon, morning resistance, call it what you want.....this disease is crazy.

Me? I'm a straight 1:13 ratio all day. My basal is even simple, .20 per hour for 24 hours. I only wish it were so simple for our kids! Maybe those post breakfast highs Maddison had last week aren't related to increased basal needs at all. Maybe if Maddison eats just perfectly timed between 6 and 7am her ratio is hugely different? Last night I did the math (just because I think I can ALWAYS find the answer) and if this is in fact a ratio thing for that ONE hour, this would mean Maddison's ratio for 6-8am would be 1:10 instead of 1:13 as we normally do. That means for her typical 50c breakfast she would get 5 units instead of 3.8 units. The difference equals exactly what Maddison needs for a correction of that post breakfast high. (1.2 units) Hmmmmm....maybe I'll try that approach next time instead of adjusting morning basals! Wouldn't that make sense? Here I have spent endless hours trying to manipulate morning basal rates to stop that high and it might not even be basal related!! Sheesh! A light bulb moment.

This week over night Maddison is growing. Yep, I can see it there in the midnight basal rate that I just increased. Those brand new flip flops....yep. Too small. Do Endo's know how often we make changes to our kids basal needs? Do they think blood sugars just behave for months at a time? It used to be (during Maddison's honeymoon) that she could go several weeks or months without needing any adjustments to her basals. It seems all I do lately is change SOMETHING somewhere in Maddison's pump.

Maybe its 3am that I'm watching close. Or maybe its that 5am. Bedtime? Nope, somethings up at midnight this week! After lunch? Yep. It's there too. I dont mind adjusting to patterns. That I can do. Thats the easy part of Diabetes. Its the overnight basal needs that suddenly increase and decrease that throws me off the most. You gotta catch those. I'm always watching some time frame for Maddison. The basal rate that kept numbers "safe" yesterday may not work today. Night time is supposed to be the golden opportunity for "stability" without food interfering right? Not really. That little thing called growing interferes. Oh well. For now blood sugars are behaving for the most part. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same as today. Funny, I highly doubt it.


Jim said...

That Dawn Phenomenon is really mysterious, isn't it? My morning readings are all over the pace.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I imagine that must be one of the hardest things for parents. All of the changing, all the time.

It's hard enough for me, and I think my needs are pretty stable!