Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camp day 2

Today was Josh's day off, so it was my day to go to work. Gotta love that summer schedule, two full days instead of 5 half days for me! Maddison got to attend camp "Ruffin it" with her Dad today, I was so jealous! Today was "Hero for the planet day." So I hear, the kids learned about endangered species and the exotic pet trade. They played games about bio-diversity, explored the food web and learned about iguanas, chinchillas and parrots! Maddison was bright eyed and so excited to tell me all about spending time in the kitten room today. Guess what tomorrow is all about!!??? Animal medicine! The camp kids get to meet the ASPCA vets and watch a real spay and neuter surgery!!!OH MY!! They will also dissect squid and owl "pellets" (yes thats poop, and it actually tells alot about what they eat!)and they will learn pet first aid. A dream day for Maddie!

Hannah started camp yesterday for Volleyball as well, she was thinking it would be far beneath her play level, which is true. My point in choosing this camp for Hannah was that she gets 3hrs of play time EVERY day of the week, something that no other camp offered. She just needs to get moving every day to stay fit and in "training" mode for next season! Anyway, today after volleyball camp Hannah was EXHAUSTED. The coach focused on "conditioning" and agility, I was so happy! Thats exactly what she needs for a long lazy summer! Tomorrow she will also have Wednesday sand tournament night.......she better get to bed early tonight!

Remember how I said I set that new basal pattern for Maddison's mornings starting today at camp? Well, it helps if you remember to select the RIGHT pattern after setting it up!!! All the way to work this morning I worried about that new basal pattern being too much insulin. I pictured Maddison at camp drinking juice after juice and being crazy low. Not so, she was 230 2 hours post prandial when Dad called to inform me, it was then that I realized I probably didn't activate the new pattern I set up!! Yep!! I sure didn't! On to experiment with blood sugars tomorrow I guess! Funny how if I am there with Maddison myself I don't worry, I just do what I gotta do.....but if someone else is in charge I will worry all day! -Sigh- Over protective mother I am, even when Dad is in charge!

I got a phone call today from the surgeons office....they were able to move my appointment up to tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3pm instead of as originally scheduled for Friday. Thank you cancellation list! I just want this all over and done with! I picked up my films and reports today from the breast care center on my way home from work. I REALLY shouldn't have read the reports. There is a little more information in there than I wanted to hear. Things like "lobulated mass with an indistinct margin" (makes me worry more!) and "color flow imaging demonstrates increased vascularity" (not good!) then the scariest "hypoechoic" term is thrown in there a time or two! YIKES!! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER KELLY!! Wait for the consult, the excision and the RESULT! It is what it is.....I don't need to worry anymore than I have!! More tomorrow.....


Wendy said...

I will be thinking about you every minute tomorrow...I will be praying hard too. Kelly, whatever you need...WHAT.EV.ER...

I'm here.

Call or text as soon as you can.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I'll be thinking of you and the fam tomorrow too. Take your time to recover, but post an update for us soon as you feel up to it.

Laura said...

Hope you had some good news today. Your in my thoughts

mom2wendy said...

Fingers crossed, prayers in my heart.

Hua said...


I hope the surgery went well.

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Elissa Morrissette said...

Hi there

Sorry for posting on this space but I didn't see an email address for you!

I work for Diabetes UK and we've just launched a new online video about Type 1 diabetes and bullying. I hope that's not something your kids have experienced, but we've heard from a lot of our supporters that they're frustrated at the myths and misconceptions about Type 1 diabetes.

You can see the video here www.diabetes.org.uk/record

I'd love to hear your feedback/thoughts

Thanks very much

Elissa Morrissette

Shamae said...

Good luck. I know I don't comment on your blog often, I do follow it though. Check in when you can.