Friday, December 7, 2007

Crazy day

I am very foggy headed today, I don't know if it is adjusting and checking basals all night the last week, or if it is the new Anxiety/Depression medication I started on Tuesday. I feel like an idiot! My head is floating in the clouds. And it is not without error....

I primed a line of bubbles out of Maddison's pump before school, and left it in PRIME MODE! (to push insulin through the tubing) I realized about an hour after I sent her to school, so I rushed off in a panic to fix the situation since we have no school nurse today. Not that the nurse would know how to fix the pump anyway if she was there. The Fire Department was there, and even though I knew Maddison would be fine, I thought OMG! I just killed my daughter with one careless mistake! Well, they weren't there for Maddison. A boy had fallen in the rain and bumped his head. Of course the fill in "nurse" was all stressed, (as I would be too) this kind of thing always happens to her when the nurse is out. So I called Maddison in and sure enough! The numbers on the pump were flashing to continue priming. Pretty scary when you think how one hit of a button could have given her the ENTIRE RESEVOUIR OF INSULIN. Fixed that problem and then I created more!

Today was "Speghetti day" in the classroom, and I was planning to come in and dose Maddison for lunch anyway to save the fill in "nurse" the issues of counting carbs in pasta and dosing for it. (Pasta sends Maddison lower, then higher)So, I stayed and helped the teacher a bit. Time for lunch, Maddison is 140. I dose her for 20c of Speghetti and help the teacher dish it out and serve the kids. Hello! Mom! Do you have a brain today??!! Maddison will not eat speghetti with sauce!! This speghetti is all mixed up and everything! She tries it (maybe 5 noodles) and makes a gagging motion. (roll your eyes here) So I realize SHIT! About 20 min ago she had her insulin, I have to get her home to eat something! (she wont eat cafeteria food either) Rush off home, feed her lunch with some juice first, (KICKING MYSELF AGAIN) Then back to school where all hell breaks loose. The fill in "nurse" goes running off down the hall for another emergency on the playground. Poor lady. She has no medical training and even stresses when she sees Maddison coming in to check for lows.

So cupcakes were coming later, I figure I better stay and eyeball a carb count on them to spare the "nurse" that stress of the day. The last time she dosed Maddison for a cupcake she counted 45c and gave at 1pm. By 3pm when I picked up Maddison from school she was 42, 30 carbs it took to get to 48, then the rebound hit....387. THAT was a long night. You never know what to dose for unless it has a carb count. All the carb books need pictures to compare I guess. She felt so horrible when I told her not to use 45c again for a similar cupcake this year. Anyway, I dosed Maddison for the cupcake and all is good. I planned Christmas shopping for the day, I think I better stick close to home just in case.

It is a perfect rainy day today, we were given tickets from our local JDRF for a hockey game tonight in the Wayne Gretzky Suite. Hannah is so excited. Maddison could take it or leave it. We have 2 birthday parties (YIKES!) this weekend, and Christmas pictures Sunday. Next weekend gets even crazier. Gotta love the Holidays. Then the New Year which I have alot of resolutions to plan! So much I want to work on. We are getting there. One crazy day at a time.

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