Friday, December 14, 2007

Low Low Low and Type 2 Rant

Since starting some new medications I have been low low low. I'm sure it is the medications, but the Pharmacist disagrees. I had a 44 yesterday, a 56 and mostly 70's. I have been eating alot of uncovered food. Reduced my basals by half, and I still have lows. I canceled a dual wave bolus with 1.2 remaining for a low after dinner. I went to bed at 103 and was 108 when I woke up. Glad I cancelled that remaining 1.2 before bed. I haven't been waking up to my lows either, which is scary. I would hate to have a problem at night and have one of my kids find me having a seizure! I have been finding my lows by checking myself at midnight and 3am when I check Maddison. So of course now I am not feeling low until the 40's since I have been low low low for a week now. Ick!

I am at work today and it seems every patient I am working on has Type 2. With complications of course. Then someone came in and says, "We brought in Chips and Salsa, but I am sure you can't eat it." I wanted to shout "You are RIGHT! I can't! I drink water and eat Sugar Free Jello all day!" I usually say "I eat anything, but I just have to take insulin for it" But not today. I just smiled, and cussed them out under my breathe. I wish the world knew about Diabetes. I wish people would shut their mouth and stop thinking they know. I would never comment on someones heart disease, cancer, or lupus, so why do people feel the need to comment about Diabetes? You know why?

Media. The media has sent the wrong message about Diabetes. I was in the grocery store the other day and the overhead recording came on talking about "Diabetes" It didn't specify Type 2. But yet, it went on to say that "Nearly 2 million Americans have Diabetes and don't even know it" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ugh. I hate that the most. Like us Type 1's could just continue life without insulin. Type 2 specifics please!Sheesh! So, here people are hearing these things advertised and thinking that Diabetes is something so simple. Advertisements or news reports always include the diet/exercise scheme making it sound like that cure's the Diabetes. I could run 50 miles a day, eat nothing and still DIE without my insulin people! Insulin is not just for food. Insulin is for life. For your metabolism, for every bit of energy. For your brain, for your every body function!!! Geez. I wish we could just change the name Diabetes all together. I am all for Pancreas failure. Pancreas disease. Dead Pancreas, I don't know. Something. Not that ANYONE deserves to be judged by Type 2 diabetes, but certainly not our children. If I told you how many times people have asked me how much weight I have lost you would think I was joking. I just say "You are thinking of Type 2 Diabetes" when I hear that anymore. That is my rant today for this stupid disease.

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