Friday, December 21, 2007

One thing I hate about the pump

Bad site change. Tonight was our 3rd in 6 months. Not bad I guess considering we only use upper bottom sites. We use the quicksets and love them. No pain at all, unless of course you hit a muscle in skinny Maddison. Only had that twice though, and it of course was the other bad sites. We have tried the Sure T's for skinny tummy sites, but I hate that Sure T as much as Maddison does. It is a bit sore the whole three days, and on your stomach you feel so vulnerable. Like it is just asking to be ripped out.

So Hannah and Maddison had a day shopping with Aunt Christina. I had to go into work for the big Christmas party, so she took the day off to spend with them and babysit. I decided (today anyway) that I love my job too for the people. Dr Finberg is great, and I feel even more obligated to stick around at the j-o-b that I hate because the people are all so wonderful. No drama, we all get along, all very caring people. -Sigh- I am lucky to have this office. I guess I will try and like it and stop with my boredom whining, LOL

So Maddison is sitting on the computer playing a Christmas activity CD printing out pictures to her little hearts content. She is 449 with this bad site which gives her a 1.4 correction. We will have to see what the next hour brings. This will be a long night I guess. I hate the fact that she was 449 and doesn't know what high feels like. I hate the 449 and seeing visions of kidneys and eye problem flashing in my mind. Why can't the damn pump have an alarm when the cannula bends? That would prevent the 449 after the site change. I hate knowing that the meter will show that 449 in history for the next month. No pretending it didn't happen I guess. We have our 1yr appointment January 17 and I am embarrassed to have our Doctor see it! Why do these numbers make us feel so horribly guilty? So bad sites are ONE down fall for the pump, but I still wouldn't go back to shots for anything.

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