Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and New Year

Well, Christmas came and went. We had an awesome relaxing holiday. I got the perfect digital picture frame from my husband, I love it......I could watch the pictures like a movie all day. Blood sugar has been really good for us both. That is a Christmas gift in itself. I have Maddison's night basal adjusted and doing great. She does drop a bit more than the suggested 40 points SOME nights, but it is better than correcting 300's all night. With the kids on Vacation, I am supposed to work and have no babysitter the next 2 days......not sure what to do about that! I am happily anticipating the New Year, I have a ton of plans and goals set already.

If anyone knows Maddison, they know her love of animals, especially birds and Quail. She got the Squackers Fur Real McCaw from "Santa" She got a very thoughtful gift from my sister.....a pair of binoculars that take pictures for bird watching, along with some bird and horse books. Perfect! I was so happy for her.....

Then there is my spoiled Hannah who officially has everything by age 11. I broke down and gave her the spare cell phone. I really think for her age it is totally unnecessary. I really wanted to wait until she is 13 or so, and more responsible. I guess I fell victim to the pressure's of every other kid that has one. Hannah is literally the last of all her friends to get her own cell phone. Thank goodness we have unlimited text messaging! Hannah also got a digital camera from my mom and dad, and her own DVD player. She got a projector that turns any room into a home entertainment theatre! As usual, my kids got way too much.

Well, I am off to organize closets and fit all the new belongings in somewhere. I need to come up with a child care plan for work this week. It is hard to leave a child with Diabetes with just anyone. If it wasn't for the "D" I could just leave the kids here tomorrow, Hannah is pretty good at watching Maddison. Josh will be here sleeping anyway. I really hate his new night shift for that reason. We will have child care issues for every day off school, Spring break and Summer vacations. I don't know what Josh was thinking taking this new shift.

Better days ahead for 2008!!Blood sugars are being conquered with alot of determination these days and less questions. Maddison will be starting dance class and a bird watching class. Hannah will continue Volleyball, and I hope she goes back to softball. That girl is so athletic. We just need to keep her away from the I am ready for you 2008!

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momofcwd said...

Hey Kelly,
I'm catching up on computing stuff and reading up on your blog; give me a call if you need me to watch the girls sometime this week. (I know it's probably too late, but if so, I'm at home.) Meg would love to play with Hannah and Maddy and all their new toys - and she and her brother have PLENTY of their own new stuff to bring alon and share too. :)
Here's to a 2008 with great numbers all around!