Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The A1c lies

It killed me this morning to send Maddison off to her Endo appointment without me. I had to go work, and Josh has Tuesdays off, so he was the lucky one! I honestly enjoy Maddison's Endo appointments. So far anyway. I must be the only weirdo parent in this world that looks forward to seeing my "report card" from the Endo. Actually, I dont look forward to the "report card," I look forward to seeing our Awesome Endo herself! She always has a way of making me feel like I'm a super D Mom!

We all know how an A1c number feels. We hate them. We despise them. We want to either cry when we hear them, or cheer for joy. Some people say they don't pay much attention to them. Some people say the A1c is "JUST A NUMBER." We all KNOW the A1c IS just a number, but we still FEEL them. I dont care who you are, I know you still feel something when you hear what that A1c is!

Today, I feel finger poke A1c's are big-fat-liars! Maddison's numbers have been all over the place. We havent had many lows, highs are the problem this time around. We aren't checking any less, and we aren't checking any more often than usual. Yet Maddison's A1c came back at 7.0%....better than its been in two years! That can't be! I haven't even micro managed her numbers like I used to!

Totally wrong! I know it! That A1c is wrong! I prepared myself for an A1c of around 7.8% according to her meter average, which always seems to be close to her actual
A1c. There is just no way that 7.0% is accurate. Maddie's A1c today should have been one of her highest ever, being that I havent kept on top of her numbers AT ALL since my Dad has been sick. ACK! Now I will never trust finger poke A1'c again! Why is it that when you drive yourself bonkers micromanaging numbers the A1c ends up higher than when you dont give the extra effort at all!!??

Oh well. I know Maddison's A1c came back wrong today. It doesn't matter what her A1c number is, as long as we are staying on top of her Diabetes. And, we are. Us Moms always are, no matter what the number says!


Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

You are a super D mom!!!

phonelady said...

We definately do stay on top of it m we have to for us it is a matter of life and death and I think that is what some ppl fail to understand , God bless you , you are an awesome mother .

Hallie said...

Well.... Congrats on the good number anyway!! I look forward to our appointments too! I love our endo and I really like talking to others who understand diabetes! Weird? I know Ave's # is not going to be good this time... Way too high. But what are you gonna do? Couldn't possibly do more! You're doing a great job, Kelly! You ARE a super D mom!!!

Meri said...

I think, whether that A1C is accurate or not, it tells you that during this awful time, you guys did a great job handling the big D!

Reyna said...

Was she running lower the week or 2 prior to her A1C check...same thing just happened with my son, Joe. His numbers had been running fine until about a couple of weeks before Endo...and then we were having a lot of lows. Our Endo said the A1C tends to reflect the more recent numbers. You sound like a great D mom...keep up the great work.

Penny said...

A few endo appointments ago Riley's A1c came in at 7.8. That was the same as the appointment before. I told the endo that couldn't be right that I knew it was lower than that. We had worked hard to bring it down and, like you said, his meter average gives me a pretty good idea what his A1C will be. Like at his last visit I guessed it would be 7.8 and that is exactly what it was. Anyway, when I told his endo I didn't think it was right she rechecked it and it was 7.4 which coincided more with what I was thinking. So, no, they are not accurate. Trust your instincts. You are probably right.