Thursday, February 11, 2010

80, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l- day

Maddison's sitting at 80....its 11pm and I planned to go to bed. BUMMER. She has .1 active, so it looks like I wait for that half a juice box to kick in. A great opportunity to blog of course. What else would keep me awake when I should be sleeping? :)

This week is Parent-Teacher conferences. Oh my. Our kids go to school for a whole two hours on conference days. Sorry, but I LOVE early release days at school. Not only do I get to stay home from work (because the kids need Mom of course!) but I get to spend the day with my girls! YAY! Actually, I get to spend the day with Maddison. Ms Hannah is 13 now ya know! Hannah is off running wild with her friends on early release days. So, early release days are usually Maddison and Me days. Today we had G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S weather...yes, envy me. Thats why we live in the Valley of the SUN. I NEED SUN. Anyway, after school Maddison and I set out to buy Valentines for the class party tomorrow. Then we met her Dad for lunch, who just happened to be in the area working :) Afterwards we made a quick stop to pick up some birdy goods and we were on our way home to get busy!

First, the Aviary.....

The Aviary is alot of work to keep clean and healthy...but guess what? It seems some of Maddison's Parakeets are in L-O-V-E. Of course they are, just in time for Valentines Day :) Soon, we expect Maddison's Parakeets to lay eggs. Anyone want a baby hand tame, hand raised parakeet to add to their family? (Wendy?) I know you love our zoo.........

Then it was time to weed the garden and do some yard work....did I mention our weather was PERFECT? I LOVE to be outside! Maddison and I had a heavenly day today, we even planted a blue Hibiscus bush in memory of "Grandpa."

Why is it that when Maddison is home with me her numbers are "perfect?" Seriously? Is it all the working outside? Is it freedom from school grumpiness? I dont know if her happiness makes blood sugars fall in place or what. I just know that
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L days like today keep her numbers right where they should be. Repeat tomorrow. YAY for early release :)


Wendy said...


It took 10 years for me to get a dog...and it poops outside!!!!!

If you can convince Jay, I'll consider it :)

I love your family...and your birds...and your fish...your dogs...the works.

wv: hyper

Kelly is hyper tonight!

You guys just rock :)

phonelady said...

Yes gotta love those early release days dear . Oh my gosh you know I am a bird lover and yes I would take one of your babies in a heartbeat if I lived closer but I dont so that is out the door LOL !!

Nicole said...

I'm sooo happy that you had such a wonderful day. We all need these days to get us through the rough ones.

I have a 12 year old that never wants to hang with mom. She is ALWAYS with her friends!! They grow up too fast :(

Your birds are beautiful!!