Sunday, February 14, 2010


42 is exactly why I have the rule "no eating 2hrs before bedtime." When she's sleeping, 42 creeps up without warning. No signs. No symptoms, she doesnt feel low when she's sleeping, she wont wake up. Tonight is a reminder why I need to stick to that rule.

50....with .4 insulin still working from that late night "treat." 15c of juice for the low. Recheck showed a 42. 16 more carbs of chalky glucose tab goodness. My headache just got a little more intense. Now, I wait. Afraid to walk away from her. So, I just watch. I hold her hand and say a silent prayer. Hoping she is rising, not dropping fast.

You never know what you had, until its gone. SLEEP is very missed around here. We have far too many nights of chasing numbers. I miss being able to just crawl into bed at night without thinking...

Maddison- checked. In range? Correction? Juice? Recheck needed before sleep? What time am I re-checking? 1am? 3am? Can't I just sleep until 6am!!??

Me- checked. In range? Correction? Juice? What if I dont wake up if I go low this time?

Man, I miss the good old sleep days!


phonelady said...

Oh boy I so remember the sleep through the night when I had my son at home . I hope one day you manage sleep . God bless you .

Shamae said...

Ya sleep is something that I miss too. It's so hard to relax and just go to sleep. :(

Tracy said...

I miss those days too!

Sorry you had a rough night last night.

Hallie said...

Amen Sister! I hear you loud and clear!! I checked bg last night at 12, 3, 4:15, 6, and then got up at 8 (then woke up my hubby and went back to bed!). I miss the good ol days of sleeping all night, too. I just keep telling myself "sleep is overrated". Why am I not buying it?!?

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Those middle-of-the-night lows are so scary. Hate them!

Would a diabetes dog help? Could your own dog be trained to pick up on low/high scents and to alert you? Just curious. Just an idea. I know nothing about dogs, but the more I hear about about D dogs, the more I want one.

Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight!!!

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