Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Me, Me, Me

I just read Shamae's post, I guess I'm supposed to blog random facts about ME! Getting to know each other.....

1) I'm ashamed to say it, but I dropped out of high school my freshman year. (wonder where Maddison gets her school "hatred?") I got my GED the day I turned 16, went back to vocational school at 17 and was on my way to my current "career" (medical billing) by age 18. Too bad I HATE my job.

2) Did I mention I HATE my job? I might make decent money, but I HATE HATE HATE sitting at a desk all day. I'd rather stab myself in the foot each day than go to this b-o-r-i-n-g job. Ideally, I should be working outside. I went river rafting in Montana a few times, and realized those river tour guides have the BEST job ever...I'm SO jealous!

3) My children are the best thing EVER in my life, even though I was just 18 when Hannah was born! I don't believe being a young mother left me any less prepared than an older mom. Josh and I had totally prepared ourselves by the time Ms. Hannah came, and I can tell you that girl was cherished as much as any other child born to any other older aged parent!

4) I love fruit. I love vegtables. I'd make a great vegetarian. I love coffee.....I'm not a picky eater AT ALL, BUT, I HATE spanish rice! (bad tummy flu!)

5) I don't like the cold. I HATE snow. I'm a summer girl all the way.

6) I'd love to hike every morning, but I KNOW that mountain lion is waiting to pounce on me! Or, maybe that rattlesnake is stalking me. I just can't do it. I'm too paranoid! (Damn survival shows!)

7) If I had an extra hour every morning I would stick to my workout. Seriously. I LOVE my treadmill with some good tunes. ....too bad I also need SLEEP after chasing numbers all night!! What I wouldnt do for an extra hour each morning!!

8)I love Golden Retrievers and birds.

9) I don't believe in "worship" and I dont believe in going church. To me, Christianity is true, verifiable, and provable....but I dont need to "worship" to prove my faith and I don't need "guidance" in living my life the way common sense says everyone should.

10) I LOVED being pregnant. EXCEPT that last month with Maddison. I had gained 78 pounds on my petite frame and I SWORE my back was going to break. OUCH.

11) I'm cheap. Especially when it comes to myself. Having a teenager has taught me things cost more than I want to pay.....but for me, I wont spend more than $20 on an single item. No fancy hair cuts. No manicures or pedicures. A typical outfit would be....Flip flops from Old Navy, $2.50. Jeans on clearance $10 a shirt from Ross, $10......OH WAIT....I DO have a favorite bra I MUST have and its quite a bit over $20!! Hmmm.... I wonder why I always envy those super cute moms that are all blingy and cute!? I'm CHEAP!

12) I'm addicted to the sun in the summer. Tan helps flaws look so much nicer!

13) I have HORRIBLE PMS. I can't even stand myself for a whole week!

14) I don't have alot of friends and I'm not a social butterfly.

15) I tell it like it is. No sugar coating here.

16) I can't sit still. I'm always finding something that needs to be done. If I'm sitting around doing nothing, I'm depressed.

17) I'd love to do so much more with my life, for myself (like finishing my Masters Degree) but right now my KIDS come first and there isnt any time left in the day for ME. Or at least not any motivation left for ME.

18) If I could have a 3yr old for life, I would. I think kids are amazingly witty and say the funniest things. They are so full of wonder and excitement for the little things in life. When my kids were little, I was SO much happier than I am now. Happiness was EASY back then.....I miss my little ones!

19) Speaking of, I think I'm going through a mid-life crisis. I'd LOVE to have another baby! (and yes, I've really thought about all the pros and cons) Too bad for Vasectomies!

20) Mean people make me want to puke. I was always the kid that stood up for the kids that were picked on. Sometimes I even feel sad for the bad guy, because I know deep down he's mean because he's hurting or had crappy parents that treated him like crap!

ME, ME, ME!!!!


Tracy said...

1) Good for you for dropping out of HS and getting your GED! I HATED high school and wish I did not have to be there. Rod also did not make it long in HS and got his GED after we got married. :)

2) I see nothing wrong with not going to church. You "worship" in your own way. I definitely don't think you have to go to church to be a Christian or believe in God. :)

3) I am cheap when it comes to me too! I would rather spend money on my kids. :)

4) Another baby? You know you could have the vas. reversed. :) Or you could do foster care/adoption. :)

Loved getting to know you better Kelly! Thanks for sharing all about you!

Nicole said...

WOW, I really learned a lot about you in only 20 points.

I had Kailyn when I was 18 too and really I fell that I was just as good as a mom then as I am at 31. I also so loved being pregnant hence the 6 kids, lol and I'm with you on #9,11, 17 and 20.

Thanks for doing this I'm really going to have to work on mine. I have read everyone else too, so it is my turn very soon!

phonelady said...

wow kelly good to know these things about you . I know there never seems to be enough time for yourself .

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

I have been working on writing my own list. In many ways, you and I are a lot alike. I've written some of the same things. I'll post my list soon. :)

Wendy said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

We'd be great vegetarians together :) I had no idea about the spanish rice!!!

Ooooo LA LA on the fancy bra -- YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Love your girls too...they're complete gems :)

Awesome list from an awesome friend!!!!

Meri said...

Glad to know ya better friend! (I'm all about flip flops and clearance jeans too :)

CraftyLikeLindy said...

I learned a few new things about you! I am going to go update my blog with facts about me!

Shamae said...

I love your list!! Thanks for playing along! You are a wonderful person!!