Thursday, February 18, 2010

Triple does it, OH MY!

Last night was basal testing night. Maddison's insulin needs have spiked tremendously both in the AM and after midnight. My girl is growing, and Maddison has all the new clothes to prove it! Nothing fits. Shoes, jeans, shirts. Nothing. Triple basal rates scare the heck out of me that first new basal night. So I grab a good book and climb in bed next to Maddison.

And, I wait for the next hour to come. I like to think that Maddison will start kicking around or talking in her sleep when she's low. Its so much easier for me to stay awake on changed basal nights than to chance not waking up to an alarm. So, I wait. Maddison was low before bed (69) but that wasn't from a basal change. It was just because. 8c brought her up too high, to 243....but, there was no way I was going to correct that high on a tripled basal night! An hour later she had dropped to 142. WEIRD! That "never" happens! I didnt even change any basals until midnight! I must say, I started to think maybe I better STOP the triple basal change before they started to work at midnight. I didnt. I knew she had been going to bed around 120 then hitting 300's after midnight for a few nights now. I'm so proud of myself for not chickiening out and changing back her basals! SURPRISINGLY Maddison's numbers stayed just right! 146, 152, 141, and by morning 160. I'd say thats pretty darn flat for night time, I'll take it. Repeat tonight of course.

Ohhhh but tonight was the "Daddy Daughter" dance at school! Lots of dancing. Tons of fun. And, of course, ice cream afterwards. DANG IT. There goes checking those basals tonight! Ice cream is a tricky thing for Maddie, she is likely to go high after 4-6 hours. So, I guess tonight I won't be sleep deprived from basal testing. I'll just be sleep deprived from chasing ice cream numbers of course!

Since Josh and Maddie had a date night, that meant Hannah and I did too. :) We went to dinner and did some girly shopping. I have to say, our dinner conversation wasn't really what I wanted to hear. OH MY! The things Hannah had to say! Can I just run and hide now? Can I PLEASE take Hannah with me!!?? Hannah loves to see my reaction to her school stories. To the boy stories. To the friend stories. OH MY!

Lets just say this....I know Hannah is going to be a Freshman next year. I know what kids were doing when I was her age. I know all about it. But HEARING it now is TRAUMATIZING!!! I'm so traumatized. I really am. I'm starting to see that I should be REALLY skeptical of high school. UGH. I know Hannah is a good girl. I know her and I are very close and can talk about anything. But OMG, I'm so not ready for this! The good thing is, Hannah was talking about the OTHER girls and boys. She was very honest and truthful to even mention any of it to me. Those OTHER boys and girls are doing some very-grown-up-things, and I don't mean drugs. And, I know who each and every one of these kids are. Hannah and her little group of girls and boys aren't THERE yet. I know for a fact. But, that doesn't mean I don't want to wisk her away with me to some deserted land!


Tracy said...

We are in the middle of basal changes too! Not fun checking all night long.

I am SO not ready for "those" years! I am glad Hannah is such a good girl. :)

Also happy you got some girl time tonight. :)

Wendy said...

NONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sweet little Hannah???

GROWING UP???? WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

I can't take it anymore. Tell her to stop. NOW!

Good luck with the basals...we're about to start the same dang mess over here!

CraftyLikeLindy said...

The kids growing up scares me too. It seems like the age of innocence is over way too soon these days. Sometimes I think I can already see the teenager in Adia coming out. Scary!

Meri said...

When M started high school last year, I almost had a heart attack worrying about the influences there. But he has HIS group of friends. And that is what is important. All they care about are video games right now...thank goodness. I know things will change...I'm sad Freshman year will be ending in a couple months. Sophmore year scares me even more! UHG! Is it inhumane to hide them in a cave until they are 20??