Friday, January 1, 2010

Strange stuff

Yesterday my Dad became an entirely different person. The good thing was he wanted to walk, and he walked many times just because he wanted too, not because he had to. All vitals are great. He didnt have any pain. Then, came someone we just dont know.

Its like Dad has Alzheimer's. He seemed very clear in his mind, he didnt seem drugged up. But he said silly things as though he was trying to be a comedian. Honestly, he was totally funny and it was hard not to laugh at his voice. He sounds like a young child that needs explanation for everything. He seemed very naive....reminds me of the movie Rain Man! As he began talking more and more, it was more apparent that he was someone else. The way he was responding to his nurses, to us.....was mystifying. He was like a broken child that had been through trauma and didnt know what else to say but to keep talking. About everything. It was such a relief, but strange at the same time because he wasnt the person we know. He sure was funny, in a sad kind of way.

This morning when I came in to see him he said "Kelly?" Then proceeded to plead with me to tell his nurse he cant see. Complete 360 from yesterday. No more funny stuff. He looks desperately sad and confused. His dialysis nurse is in with him, so I could only stay for a minute. He said Dad CAN see, he knows we are holding up 2 fingers. I told Dad he CAN see, you can see two fingers. He replied with "OK" and then silenced. Within a minute he was telling me "Please tell the nurse I cant see"

I'm sitting here devastated. I knew there would be good days and harder days, I just expected the confusion to get better. We were SO happy with his silliness and comfort yesterday. Today, I'm afraid of what the day holds.


Meri said...

Im Sorry Kelly. There is nothing easy about this process. Praying your dad feels like his old self soon.

Lora said...

Hang in there. It's probably just the medication. Great days are to come.

Tracy said...

Praying your/his day gets better.

phonelady said...

Oh kelly I am sending prayers your way and hugs dear . I know you are going through a difficult time and I am praying that God sees you through it .