Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy memories-All about Goldens

Anyone that knows our family knows about our love and devotion to Goldens. Our Goldens are as cherished as our children. They aren't just pets. They aren't just dogs. They are little furry children with their own personalities. We love them more than anyone could know, stinky or not.

From Chasing Numbers

Diego was the perfect puppy. He never chewed. He never had potty training issues. He ALWAYS listened. He has great manners, but like every golden he just wants attention ALL THE TIME. Then there is his tennis ball. He is OBSESSED with playing ball. He LOVES to swim. He is so loyal. When he escapes from the house he always comes right back. All the neighborhood knows where he belongs and watches to make sure he comes home. Diego is 8 now, I HATE to think that he is getting old. We love him SO MUCH!


Roxxie, Roxxie, Roxxie......oh my Roxxie. Where do I start? She's spunky. She has a TON of energy. She is my shadow. She follows me everywhere. EVERYWHERE. If I walk down the hall, she follows. If I climb in bed, she's right there beside me. If I go to the bathroom, she waits outside the door. LOYAL is her middle name. She listens the instant you call her name. All she wants to do is please you. If we play board games, the Goldens are right there in our face. They seriously want to play too. Roxxie likes to steal Joshs pillow the instant he leaves for work in the morning. She sleeps like a human in the bed! Roxxie is 3 now. Roxxie is SO FUNNY! We love Roxxie SO much.

On this day in 2008 Roxxie had 8 perfect puppies. The happy memories are with me today, despite the sadness we have been going through with my Dad. Those puppies were like gold to us. Each one had their own distinctive personality. I could tell each one apart, still can. Each perfect puppy went to perfect homes. We know where each one lives, and with who.

It was perfect timing, the JDRF Promise Ball was about to take place, right as the puppies were getting old enough to go to their new home. We donated 2 perfect puppies to the Promise Ball, each one raising $5,000 in the silent auction!!! All monies went to JDRF. What could be better than that?!!

JDRF puppy #1 went to a JDRF family that lives here in Phoenix! His name is Wilson. They say he likes to chill out in the jacuzzi. Just sitting there. The pool vaccum is his friend. He follows it all around the pool. I'm so proud to have given someone a cherished member of their family!!

JDRF puppy #2 is Claire. She lives on hundreds of acres in North Dakota. We have kept in touch, and the 3 kids in the family LOVE Claire!

Then there is "Roxie" who went to Kris' family. Kris is a part of our support group. Even though they have moved out of state, Kris' family is still a part of our support group. If you have ever followed Kris' blog, you've heard about Roxie. Something tells me Roxie is living up to mommy Roxxie's name!

OSCAR....Ohhhhh....Oscar. We suckered in a family around the block. Every day when the puppies were outside to play, Lori and Robert were walking by with their furry friend Goo. Funny the timing of it all :) Something told me they needed another furry friend to religiously walk every day! They took home Oscar...Hannah's favorite puppy. He is BIG, red and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Funny thing, Lori saw my pump and pulled out hers! Lori was dx'd at the age of 9. Sorry Lori, I have to say it.....Lori has had Diabetes for 40 years!!!!!!!! AND, she is the picture of health!!!I must say, she looks SO MUCH younger than she is! Lori and I have become GREAT friends through Oscar. Through Diabetes. Through our Golden playdates with a glass (or two) of wine. Does it get any better than that?!!

Harlee.....Harlee was an angel. We kept Harlee as our own. He was the most gentle GIANT boy ever. Lori and I call him a giant polar bear. Harlee liked to eat laundry. Actually, he ate everything. If you didnt have him with you every single second, I guarantee you he was eating something. His hunger for laundry caught up to him. (It wasnt like there is laundry laying all around my house!!) At 11 months he had a bowel obstruction. We did the surgery. He never got better. It was too late. Harlee went to doggy heaven at the young age of 11 months. Guilt still haunts me, and we still miss him dearly.

Rocky....Rocky went to live with a SUPER nice young girl who just completed her Physician Assistant degree. We used to meet for doggie park days. We used to babysitt Rocky when she traveled. They have since moved away, but we get pictures often.

Snow and Neeko....Snow went to a family nearby. I called them every few months that first year. They LOVE her! When Harlee died I called them to make sure everything was still working out. I was hoping to have her back since Harlee was gone! NOPE! They LOVE her. I didnt ask for her back of course, but in my heart I was hoping we could have ONE of our puppies back! Neeko went to a family and it didnt work out. They stuck to their contract and called me right away. We took Neeko back in at the age of 6 months. I found a lady that recently lost 140lbs and her beloved pet died. She needed a walking buddy to continue her new healthier life style. Neeko was perfect for her. I get pictures often.

WE LOVE OUR GOLDEN PUPPIES!! Although they have gone to new homes we remember every detail about each one. Even today, on their 2nd doggy birthday.


phonelady said...

I love this I also like goldens and would have one if my hubby was not scared of big dogs .He loves the chis we have . I pray for you and your family every day and also special prayers for your daddy too .

Wendy said...

Such a sweet post :)

Your goldens are so sweet!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the pics...what a beautiful family you have!!!!

Kris said...

Oh Kelly, reading this made me cry! I am so glad to read all about Roxy's brothers and sisters. I cried reading Harlee's story too. I'm so sorry that happened. But these little puppies love to eat strange things. It could have happened to anyone. I'm sorry it happened to her. :(

I cannot believe how much Roxy looks like her mom! I can't wait to show Scott the picture. They look exactly alike!

Thank you so much for bringing Roxy into our lives. We don't know what we did before we had her! She's just like one of our kids. :)