Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow. What a change from the last time I wore the CGM! All I see now are mountains! I eat, SPIKE. 200's and 230's!!! Then I drop in to decent numbers by the 2nd hour. Level off in the 3rd. Eat again....SPIKE!!!

I've never been a "spiker." The highest I'd hit after eating was MAYBE 150, but, of course that was also when my numbers were more in the low 100's than what they are now in the 140's. What a total bummer. I've promised to start Pre-bolusing. Especially that morning coffee that sends me to the 230's each and every time! I see Dr D next week, its time to try Apidra again!

So tell have you adjusted basals when using Apidra in the pump? Tracy? Kris? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

ICR, once adjusted, seems to stay stable for a while with her. But, in puberty, and as a young teen, she seems to require a very high ICR. We adjust by going down one and keep lowering from there. She is currently 1 to 6.5 breakfast, 1 to 7:5 lunch and dinner. With exercise, her ICR has to be adjusted back upwards immediately, the same day, temporarily. Her ICR is 1 to 10 at school, because there is a lot more walking from class to class. She uses Apidra, but this did not change the fact she is getting a lot more insulin for her food. I hope this changes in adulthood. I think the "norm" for adults, if there ever is a norm, is ICR of 1 to 10.

Reyna said...

Good luck Kelly. We haven't used I am of no help here. :(

Hallie said...

I wanna know, too! :)
Hope you get it figured out, Kelly!