Thursday, December 16, 2010

Silly Me

Back from my Endo appointment with only good news for a change! My Thyroid levels are perfectly in range, and I haven't had medication since September! YAY! Looks like removing the affected left lobe with the mass and cyst did the trick :) No more Hyperthyroid!

My A1c was MUCH lower than I expected. I was sure I had hit 8% for the first time ever. NOPE! Finger poke A1c showed 6.5% and the lab draw 2 weeks ago showed a 6.8% so I was pleasantly surprised! Shocked actually!

I have been feeling pretty angry with myself for the pure laziness on my part...lack of pre-bolusing especially. I have been making horrible food choices, eating too much, and not doing my morning workouts since September!! It has REALLY caught up with me! Im 5 lbs over my ideal weight! AHHHH!!!! I know you are thinking 5 lbs is nothing, but it is. It starts somewhere, and on my petite frame it SHOWS!

I talked with Dr D about my eating "issues" with the changing seasons, and how I'm dreadfully tired and lazy in the winter months. We are thinking its time to up the tiny dose of Celexa I take......I'm giving Apidra another try, and I might just go back to MDI to help curb my eating! The pump makes it too easy to eat whatever and whenever you want. If I had to shoot up for that cookie or candy, I might think twice. So, Im debating. Would I even know how the hell to dose corrections anymore? Sheesh, its been a l-o-n-g time since I've been on injections!

Turns out I'm now also anemic. That explains some of the fatigue Im having....if its not one thing its another for me!

Silly me, I was all freaked out about my level of Diabetes control lately. I guess Im not screwing up as much as I thought. But, I have alot of work ahead. I need to start with getting out of bed in the morning instead of hitting snooze. Snooze means no work out time in the mornings, and that is step one that needs to change!


Unknown said...

WOW...terrific A1C! And you can do it Kelly...I know you can. With the working out, the pumping OR not pumping, the eating choices. You are amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it went I go to the endo and my a1c is way lower then what I expected!

Pam said...

Glad to hear things are so good. I'm right there with you with my own extra 5 pounds. If you find some inspiration can you wrap it up and send it my way!

Meri said...

I'm so glad your endo appointment was a pleasant surprise!! Congratulations!

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