Friday, December 10, 2010

The Bright Side

After sharing my wish for an early good riddance to 2010, I guess I should share the bright side of 2010 right?

Our Health- We still have our health, unlike many others. Lately it seems everywhere I turn friends, coworkers, neighbors and children are being diagnosed with conditions or diseases, many of which could even be terminal. 2010 blessed us yet again with good health, and I have had an "easy" year where Maddison's Diabetes management is concerned. That in itself, definitely gave 2010 a bright side!

By far the brightest side of 2010? Well...I couldn't save the best for last! I had to share it NOW!!! This year I have found a new level of "comfort" with Diabetes that I never thought was possible. I NEVER thought I would stop my obsessive tendency to micro manage numbers. I never thought I would be able to stop wondering every minute how Maddison's day was going while she is away from me. And, I never thought I could make it through a single day without guilt, anger or sorrow for numbers gone wrong. 2010 has brought peace with Diabetes. Ok, maybe not peace with Diabetes, but peace with numbers!!! In 2010 I can say that a number is JUST A NUMBER!!! For the first time ever!! Man, Ive come a long way! :)

Kitty- Kitty came to live with us! Maddison fell in love. E'nuf said!

In May 2010 my Hannah promoted to HIGH SCHOOL!!! Such an exciting time! Damn it! I'll say it....Its a scary time if you ask me!!!! Ok, truthfully having my Hannah move up to high school was traumatizing for me!! But, I'm over it now. For the most part. It was a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L thing to see the pride and happiness shine through my Hannah all summer as she anticipated High school. Priceless.

Then came Callie after we lost Diego. Maddison fell in love. Again.

Back to Hannah :) In August Hannah was recruited for the J Varsity Volleyball team at school. She rocked the court as always being a "setter" but also blew her coach away playing a newly assigned position, outside hitter. Yep. Thats my Hannah :) The Mustangs ended the season with ZERO losses, if I remember correctly! Think Scholarship baby!

Our home.....we are very fortunate to have found the home we are in now. It is perfectly re-done inside and out. Spotless clean and brand new when we moved in. (You should have seen some of those rental homes we had to consider!! GAG ME!!) Though I miss our home of 10 years dearly, I can honestly say that now we have a chance to start over. Restructure. Re prioritize life. Cut back. Get down to basics. Teach our children to truly appreciate what they have in life, instead of expecting so much.

My husband. Josh and I have always put ourselves and our own relationship lowest on the priority list. Not intentionally, but ya know..... Life is busy. We work opposite shifts. He has days off during the week when I work. We are sleep deprived and tired. We each take a kid and get them where they need to be shuttled off too during the chaotic school week. We are always so concerned with what our kids are doing, should be doing, or want to be doing that we just let our own relationship slide. Two ships passing in the night. In 2010 13 years of living our lives this way finally caught up with us. That's not a good thing. This definitely is not a bright side to 2010, but now as 2010 draws to a close our marriage is stronger than ever. We are back on track. Prioritizing US. Our relationship. Our marriage. A healthier place, a happier place. A fulfilled place.

So, this is the brighter side of 2010. Always something to cherish, no matter how wrong things have been this year. We still have our health, each other, and a few more cuddly pets to love. We still have health insurance. Insulin pumps, a roof over our heads and steady jobs. Ultimately we have stronger relationships. New priorities. New direction. 2011....I'm ready.


Unknown said...

My eyes are stinging with tears Kelly! What a beautiful post. I can totally say your list is pretty much my list too. I am so grateful for our health, the insurance...I mean heck, Joe is teched-out to the max. I totally get the marriage thing and have been there too this past year. It is so easy to put it on the back burner b/c everyone and everything else "needs" your attention. I am so grateful for this post and your friendship this have started out my day in a great place. Thank you...and I am looking forward to a happy and healthy 2011 for you and all the DOC Kelly!

Joanne said...

Glad to know some good things did happen during 2010 for you! Hope things just keep getting better and better for next year (and the next, and the next... etc!)

Tracy1918 said...

I love this post! Love the pictures! Love the happy attitude! Love the encouragement.

Our marriage, too, has suffered since Matthew's diagnosis in March. It's getting a little better, but boy! It's tough.

It's encouraging to see that you guys are working it out.

: )

connie said...

I loved this!!! Beautiful post and it sounds that you are truly blessed :) Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty in life when we are constantly confronted with challenges...I too, am ready for 2011...but I am thankful for all that 2010 has given us!

You made my morning...smiling here!

Meri said...

What a beautiful post Kelly! When we force ourselves to look at the bright side, we see truly how blessed we are. You have a beautiful family...hooray for new beginnings and a new year to look forward to! ((HUGS))

Jill said...

I'm sitting here bawling tears of joy for you!! I'm so happy for you Kelly!!! <3 I think, as D-parents, we can all sit back and say our marriages kinda suffer the turmoil. Frankie and I have been down that same path and I've even been so tired and angry that I threw up the "D" word because I was ready to just throw it all away. You get tired...tired of trying, tired of dealing with all the daily stuggles, tired of getting NO sleep...EXHAUSTED is more like it. When that happens, our attitudes start to suck and we eventually start the snapping. The greatest part about all of if you can muster up the energy to get back on track then eventually it seems to work out. I was seriously smiling (and crying) when I saw the pic of you and hubby. YOU LOOK HAPPY! After everything youve been through with numbers...your Dad....the house...just all of the crap...its soooo wonderful to see you start to rise up and come out on top! GOD IS GOOD!!!! He does provide and prayers DO get answered. I know that 2011 is going to bring you much more joy and I'm looking forward to seeing more smiling pictures. YOU ROCK GIRLIE!!! Way to not let D win the game!!!

Hallie Addington said...

Kelly - I am SO happy to hear each and every one of these things! I'm hoping that 2011 blows your socks off! Or your flip flops! LOVE that kitty and that cute little face! Love that beautiful grown up looking girl... that looks SO much like her Mama. Love you, too!

Unknown said...


I'm crying!! I'm completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that you've been able to see through the haze of darkness and embrace some of the light filtering through.


I will continue to pray for your spirits to lift higher, your family to draw even closer, and your marriage to stick together with a strength that nothing can conquer.

So inspired, my friend.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

This post makes me feel so happy for you. Despite everything you've been through, you can still smile and see the bright side of things, which is incredible. Good for you!!!! :)