Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Looney Bin

Sometimes I think maybe I DO belong in the looney bin! Yesterday I was an emotional mess. I have MAJOR PMS issues every month besides being a person who can be easily discouraged. One icky thing in the morning can set my mood for the day. Its terrible. When PMS comes around, I turn into someone I'm not. Really.

Some PMS days (like yesterday) I just climb into bed after work and take a nap becuase I can't stand the meanie person I become. I guess sometimes that nap is just what I need to refocus and find ME again. BECAUSE.....

Today's attitude compared to yesterday is a total 360. I'm optimistic, inspired, determined, focused, READY to conquer anything that comes my way. ESPECIALLY the Diabetes monster. Last night I slapped on the CGM again instead of ignoring the fact that my numbers need alot of work. Today I'm not worried about Diabetes, or anything really....I'm confident I'll get myself back on track and the world is back to being full of color, not black and white doom and gloom. SILLY ME. Damn you PMS. Yesterday I really thought I needed to be admitted to the Looney Bin. Today? Today I see the light. :)


Wendy said...


The same thing happens over here, and then the guilt I feel afterwards makes it 100 times worse :(

I'm so happy today is a better day. Keep your head up and show that D who's boss!

Hallie said...

I'm pretty sure the looney bin is reserving a bed for me! Glad things look better now! :)
(my word verification was menses... weird?!?)