Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Site change chocolate craziness

I'm sitting in bed with my laptop at 11pm when I should be sleeping. An hour ago as I was checking Maddison before climbing in bed for the night, her meter flashed a haunting 49 which made me gasp out loud waking Josh from his deep sleep. What the HELL!!?? So totally unexpected. Maddison's check prior to the heart stopping 49 was just an hour before when she went to bed, she was a nice 118 with zero active insulin from her dinner. So what happened? A site change at bedtime, that's what happened. Not exactly the best time to change a site!

It used to be when Maddison had her sites changed we would have to give her about an 8c snack to avoid a low soon after. Sure, we could have just primed less into the cannula (maybe) but she enjoyed her 8c Hershey's Chocolate Carmel stick on site change days. So, a site change with a treat worked every time. Somewhere over the last two years the treat for site changes disappeared. No more lows after sites changes. Ahhhhhh yes.....but now we have been using arms for Maddison's sites. I guess tonight her little arm wanted some chocolate with the site change. 15c of juice, two glucose tablets and an hour later Maddison is just 96. And, now I can't sleep.

11pm turns into Midnight, and I'm supposed to wake up for my 5am date with my treadmill? Hmmm.....and how many times will I have to get up tonight to make sure Maddison is safe since weirdness decided to pay a visit? I'd like to give her some chocolate milk and call it a night. But, I can't. Set a temp basal? I'd have to wake up to make sure she isn't too high or too low anyway! So where is the manual on this girls body anyway? A manageable disease hugh? Well, manage THIS whoever deemed Diabetes as "manageable".......

I'm tired of heart attacks that pop up unexpectedly in the wee hours of the night, or is that morning? I'm tired of lows followed by highs. I'm tired of highs followed by lows. I'm tired tonight after two frickin weeks of trying to get overnights "managed" right so my sweet Maddison isn't too low which could cause a seizure, or too high that could cause her body harm. I'm tired. All of us moms with children that have Diabetes are tired. TIRED. Why don't some kids wake up when they are low? WHY? Note to self: Don't do a site change so close to bedtime unless you are prepared to have a possible heart attack AND stay awake all night because now you just can't sleep. Next time, we will go for the chocolate.

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