Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been pushed to my limit lately with Maddison's ping-ponging blood sugars! I need a Diabetes time out. A break. A getaway. Anything would be appreciated at this point. Late last week on the one day I forgot my cell phone (of course) the school nurse had a terrible time trying to figure out what to do next! Low, low, high. Low, spiked, dropped. Craziness. All in one short, 6 hour school day. The weekend was fairly "stable" until Sunday afternoon. 80 degrees in Phoenix combined with Volleyball chaos at the park for hours re-sparked whatever ping pong game wasn't yet completed in days past. CRAZY. And now, let me explain the poor decision making on my part that I'm really kicking myself for today.....

Last night after Hannah's big volleyball winnings over the weekend, she wanted to treat herself by using her gift card.....TO COLD STONE CREAMERY!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHH!!! Anyone that frequents my blog knows how I DREAD, HATE, and DESPISE ice cream for Maddison....did I mention she has been ping ponging from 280's to 50's and back again since last week? Yeah. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? So, when Hannah asked me to take her for ice cream initially I said NO WAY JOSE because it was already after 6pm. I dont even like to feed Maddison ANYTHING after 6pm, and especially not ice cream from a devilish place like Cold Stone Creamery! For anyone lucky enough to not have one in their own town, let me paint the picture. A small size = approx 1.5 cups of ice cream. Try convincing an 8yr old that she can have half of her ice cream, and I will have the other half. Yeah. It takes away all the fun and excitement apparently! Wasn't gonna happen. The CREAMERY part of the name, I assume, means some kind of CRAZY, extra special creaminess....and judging by our ending blood sugar result after ice cream, it REALLY is some kind of crazy creamery for sure!

Anyway....take your SMALL ice cream and add to that Maddison's choice "mix in"......chocolate chip cookie dough!!!!I KNOW, I KNOW! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? Right before your eyes they mix the ice cream with your choice "mix ins" using a "cold stone" laid flat on the counter. My guesstimate was 75c even though Calorie King said 45!!! So I bolused for 75c and hoped for the best. Maddison started eating at a nice 120. Two hours later she was 228 and going to bed with about .4 active. Although Maddison's pump was showing she still had enough active insulin to bring her into range, I knew better with that with this evil ice cream!! I bolused Maddison an extra half a unit to try and defeat that delayed high. An hour and a half later, Maddison was 340! By midnight she hit 438!!!! By the time Maddison woke to start her day I only got her down to 268. Why didn't I just say no to the ice cream?? With a huge pre-bolus for breakfast I sent Maddison to school at a pretty good 138. An hour later at 9am she was 80 with 1.8 active! The school nurse decided to call me on this one. she really just going to stay that stable, or is she going to drop? We decided to wait and see. An hour later Maddison came in at 87. I dont know HOW that happened. Maddison was also complaining of a headache so I instructed the nurse to give her liquid Tylenol. I figured it probably had a few carbs in it too, perhaps the tiny "sugary syrup" boost would help if she was actually going lower. Before lunch Maddison was 250! WHAT THE HECK??!! How many carbs does that liquid children's Tylenol have anyway!!??

The rest of today was just as crazy. I want to hide. I'm done with Diabetes AGAIN today. Too bad we can't just get a break! I'm a ping-ponging emotional mess the last few days too. Angry, sad, tearful, angry. ANGRY. Angry at these numbers. Of course, last night was my own fault, a bad choice. But what about the rest of the crazy ping-ponging days lately? I'm sick of looking at the numbers flashing back at me. Its like Maddison has some weird absorption delay or something. Of course, then I start to think the "C" word.....and I end up freaking myself out. I'm not used to ping-ponging craziness. I've never seen anything like it. Deep breath. Tomorrow will be better. Looking over Maddison's log I dont see anything, just another random crazy spell I suppose.

My own blood sugars didn't fare so well after last nights ice cream either. I hit 300around midnight and started my day at 198. WHAT???!!!! ICK. That ice cream was SO not worth it! You wont find Ben or Jerry in my house anytime soon! Maybe NEVER again. I spent all day at work today feeling horribly guilty for giving in to ice cream. How ridiculous. I don't think I will ever look at a ping-pong table the same again. -sigh-


Jill said...

Awww :( I know your frustration!

Any liquid meds make Kacey's sugar go up! Can she take pills? I've switched Kacey over to those and it doesn't have that affect on her now :) She swallows them just fine.

Ice cream is very evil! I only get those small ice cream cups now. They're premeasured... 13 carbs... and just enough to take away the crave for ice cream. Much easier!

I really feel for you because even if you wanted to take a "time out" you still cant do it because you have yourself to take care of then. My heart goes out to you! Hang in there! Hopefully things will get better soon :) ***Hugs***

Scott K. Johnson said...

I hear you. Ping ponging all over really stinks.

Hope it settles down for you soon!