Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, Sunday....the Saga (a boring post)

On Saturday Hannah had her 4th Volleyball tournament. Hannah was dressed and ready to go first thing in the morning, although the games didn't begin until late afternoon. Hannah lives and breathes nothing but Volleyball even more so these days. Although Hannah played consistently well, the team chemistry and several other girls just didn't have it in them to play their best. We couldn't even recognize our team! They played some pretty depressing games. Poor Hannah was good to go but it just wasn't happening for the other girls. What a bummer of a Valentines day for Hannah! Games started at 3pm and we played until nearly 10pm, 9 games total with 2 hour breaks in between. What a long day! Next weekend I'm sure the team will be back to 100%!!

Getting home late we were exhausted from all the tournament emotions. We decided to cracked open some Valentine chocolates. At 11pm! I should have known better, but who can deny your sweet hearts their chocolate on Valentines Day? I knew I would have to check Maddison every hour until her bolus from her chocolates wore off because she was going straight to bed. You would think I would have said it just isn't worth it....I wish I did! Long night for me to say the least! Lesson learned. No sweet stuff late at night! Maddison hoovered in the low 100's for two hours and hit 230 by the time her insulin wore off. Not so bad I guess.

I, however, was not so lucky. Around 1am I jumped from bed covered in sweat with my heart POUNDING. I thought this time was IT. I was sure I was having an out of body experience..... I was sure I was d-e-a-d. I have NEVER in 3yrs (to my knowledge) had a low under 60 at night. I stumbled to the kitchen in total confusion, somehow knowing very well what I needed to do. I skipped fumbling with the meter, and popped 4 glucose tablets from the get go. My meter rang in at 42 with .6 active. YIKES. Of course, being stuck in starving mode and my brain convincing me to eat everything in sight I demolished about 60carbs before falling back into bed. I set my alarm for an hour later to bolus for the high I knew would come and I rang in at only 230. Not so bad considering!

Of course, by Sunday night I was afraid to go to bed. No insulin active. Dinner was 5hours prior, but I still had the fear of Saturdays low in my head. I was 108 and I couldn't sleep. Realizing I had a glass of wine with my dinner I convinced myself I needed to eat extra carbs to sleep safely. So I did. 30c worth, and feeling much safer I still wanted to check at around 1am. I was 280. Hmmmm....wonder why!? I guess I needed to see a high to actually feel safe. Scary thing those lows in the night! They really messed with my mind.

Maddison was 78 going to bed last night. 15c of juice later she was just 91. Set my alarm for an hour later and she was just 90. Ugh. The saga continues. 8c of juice, rechecked in 30 min, 98. What the hell? I know how sneaky that juice is in the night. It hides somewhere in that tummy only to strike an hour later. 287. Fabulous. I'm glad the Saturday/Sunday saga is behind us. On with the school week! Did I mention I had no choice but to trash that damn Valentines candy? I sure did. Good riddance. For awhile now I wont look at chocolate the same. That's probably a good thing.

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