Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This article leaves me completely speechless.

I'm sickened in part because the mention of noodles and cupcakes. This girls death has nothing to do with eating noodles or cupcakes! How dare an uneducated reporter claim food choices is in part to blame! This should be an obvious issue of the mother being neglectful in managing her daughters Diabetes. I would assume she didn't give her insulin with her meals, regardless of the nutrional content. Noodles? How sickening that this could ever happen to a child? Noodles? That about tops ridiculous! How about a bolus for what the kid ate?


Anonymous said...

I agree, it's ridiculous. The father coming out with this quote as well: "We had to learn about how to deal with it and everything." ... So does every parent who has a child diagnosed with diabetes. It's hardly a unique experience that only they had to deal with.

A nine year old can hardly be expected to handle her diabetes on her own. Adults struggle with it enough as it is. And not turning up for a Diabetes 101 class is just crazy ... why wouldn't the mother want to learn about how to look after her own child.

It truly is sickening.
Hopefully some awareness will come out of this, so kids in a similar situation can be helped before it's too late.

Lynnea said...

Sad, sad story!! I often wonder how certain people manage...I mean it's not an easy disease to manage...the math alone is incredible...but it is doable with a good clinic and a willingness to want the best for your child.

I'm with you about the noodle and sweets line....kind of makes me feel like cr*p because J.J. likes noodles and he eats them!

Jill said...

Sooooo sad! :( I was just having a conversation with another teacher yesterday about "What if's?" and one of the things that came up was "What if I wasn't a parent that stayed on top of things or one that didn't have the knowledge to do all that I do to manage Kacey's diabetes?" I just cant imagine the kids out there that dont get health care because parents cant afford it and then there are parents like us that are doing all we can to give our kids what they need and stuggle financially to get there. Yet there are people out there mooching off the system that can go and get meds and have no copay! It sickens me!!! I worry every single day about not being able to afford Kaceys care and here if a mother that flat out didnt give a crap about her child!