Friday, February 6, 2009

70's? Good basal rate and its FRIDAY!

My meter average over the last 14 days is 102. I'm cured! It seems I hang out in the 70's alot lately thanks to getting back into my healthier routine. Problem is, now I don't feel my lows! At all! Not good.....I have caught several 40's by simply checking my BS every 2 hours. Most of those 40's I had a huge amount of active insulin which is even scarier. I honestly didn't have a symptom at all which scares me enough to run myself quite higher for a few days trying to regain my awareness. The 70's isn't the safest range for those of us powered by insulin apparently!

On the basal front Maddison went to bed at 186 last night. A bit high, but safe for basal testing when you expect a drop. Maddison was 196 two and a half hours later, then 158 when she woke up this morning. Not so bad. Lets hope the next few days assure me we have things set right. Now I need to work on adjusting her sensitivity overnight! Ahhhh!

This weekend I have plans with support group moms to take the kids to a movie. Thats about it! Got my taxes cleaned.....laundry done.......looks like this weekend will be relaxed! Good thing for a change thats for sure! I gotta mention our estimated medical expenses from our 2008 taxes.....11,496.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLY SMOLY PEOPLE!!! Thats pump supplies, insulin, Endo visits, PCP visits, etc etc etc......get 400 test strips per month for Maddison and 400 per month for me it totals 9,600 test strips a year!!!!! No wonder I am obsessed with numbers, LOL.....I think all I do sometimes is poke fingers! I'm an certified professional finger poker! Sheesh!

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - those lows are scary indeed, especially if you had a bunch of insulin in your system. No telling how fast that can hit you sometimes. Other than that, your meter average is AWESOME!